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What did you think of Dracula?

The reviews are pouring in for “Dracula”. While there are some critics who weren’t sold on the series, many reviews have been very positive. Here’s a quick round up of some of the best:

If you haven’t seen it yet or can’t wait to re-watch the “Dracula” premiere, head over to What did you think of the series premiere? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. lisa2222 says
    26 October 13 at 6:14pm

    I am sold! JRM nailed it and I can not wait to see what he does next week/episode. What an incredible and talented actor I just love him xx

  2. Suzanne says
    26 October 13 at 8:21pm

    Yes agreed… It was amazing. And above all my hope. So happy for Jonathan and all the crew. Yes, Dracula will rise again and in the best series ever on NBC. :) So, so happy… It was a great pleasure yesterday, Jonathan was so, so and so… Just love him.

  3. sm says
    26 October 13 at 8:29pm

    I’ve tuned in because JRM is captivating to watch. Yes, he’s incredibly skilled, enigmatic and of course easy on the eyes. But it is all in the writing, and I hope it gets better with Dracula as the series continues. Would love to be pulled in, but last night, I was not. I’ll be watching…

  4. Kelly says
    27 October 13 at 3:43pm

    Bravo, Jon, you never cease to amaze me. You were outstanding! Congrats!

  5. Angie says
    27 October 13 at 6:39pm

    I love JRM – – it’s the only reason I watched. JRM only gets better with time – – there is something about him that is captivating and mysterious. The premier was a bit slow to me in places but overall I liked it and will be watching next week :-)

  6. Pamela V says
    29 October 13 at 10:43am

    Well, what to say! Jonathan was great the minute he hit the screen. In my opinion he carried the show and if I continue to watch, it would be to see how he makes Dracula his own as he did King Henry VIII in the Tudors. I hope the story picks up and the other cast members makes their present on screen interesting. I have always said he would make a interesting vampire when Vampires books/shows became the new Fad again.

  7. Karen Laurino-Fuzek says
    31 October 13 at 1:24pm

    Jonny is one of the great actors who can make the screen shine no matter if it is in a movie or television. There are only a few who could pull off the roles that he has been cast in. Here he playing three different people and doing it flawlessly. I loved him in every movie that he was in as well as his role as King Henry in The Tudors, and I am in awe of his talent in this new role as Dracula. I look forward to every Friday night watching NBCxo

  8. Cynthia Derchak says
    31 October 13 at 5:34pm

    I had no idea what this Dracula series would present. I did know with Jonny as the star that he would dive right into the role and execute his star power as always perfectly. And he did. I have followed his career for over 15 years. He becomes his character. Never have i cared for Vampires. He was perfect in execution,talent, ability to bring class and rally others working with him. It is almost impossible that he once felt insecure. You can see he is sensitive if you have watched him enough. His versatility is surpassed only by his good looks and his humbleness. He projects such high energy and star quality beyond words. It is an event to have him on US tv. I love his dark, sexy side when he is smooth and flawless. I would like to be his Mum so i could take of him. Please give him another 10 shows NBC.

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