Dracula behind the scenes extras and more

NBC is doing a wonderful job with promotion of “Dracula” and is now releasing all kinds of extras after the premiere last night. Be sure to check out the content and support the show out on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

Here’s a highlight scene from the first episode:

A behind-the-scenes look at the series premiere:

Preview of what’s to come this season:

You can also watch the entire episode online on NBC.com right now. A new edition of the classic novel has also been released that features Jonathan on the cover. You can buy it now on Amazon.

“Dracula” is set to premiere in U.K. on Sky Living this Thursday, October 31 at 2pm. No word yet on when it’ll be shown in other countries.

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  1. Deanna says
    04 November 13 at 11:34pm

    I love the new Dracula, and others will too once it catches on, I know I have recommended it to a lot of my friends. But you could not have picked a better person to portray him, Jonathan Rhys Myers is so handsome, and I for one am very pleased with the show. Now just do me one favor “DON’T TAKE IT OFF THE AIR”, give it a real good chance, heck give it 10 good chances.

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