Belle du Seigneur

Belle du Seigneur coming soon on DVD

“Belle du Seigneur” is finally getting a release in North America after being released theatrically in Russia and France. It’ll be out on DVD in Canada on December 10. The English title is “A Grand Affair”. There is no description yet of what else the disc may contain or what version of the film this will be, but this may be the only way to pick up a NTSC version of the film. You can preorder the DVD now on

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Belle du Seigneur Belle du Seigneur Belle du Seigneur Belle du Seigneur


  1. Suzanne says
    11 October 13 at 6:47am

    Yep, finally. It’s about time… Mine is already pre ordered. Can’t wait…

  2. Zahena says
    03 November 13 at 4:52am

    Is there an australian release date? I cant wait!

  3. caroline says
    16 November 13 at 3:45pm

    so cant wait to see this film

  4. mona myers says
    24 February 14 at 11:41pm

    what release date for the U.S?

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