2 City of Bones stills 10 new Dracula stills as well as updated 4 images to larger versions 2 Conchita Perez fashion show 14 images from City of Bones premiere in Norway

Dracula news and gallery updates

“Dracula” promotion is heating up and more publicity images including new posters were released. 10 new stills have been added to the Gallery as well 4 previous images have been updated to larger size versions. Parade posted a new interview with Jonathan as well as Entertainment Weekly, where the “Star Wars” rumors are debunked.

Sky Living released a video of cast interviews. Unfortunately, the video is only available to those in the UK and Ireland. And New York Comic Con is just around the corner. No word yet on what kind of promotion NBC will have for the show but they will be doing a preview screening of the pilot episode. For those attending, the screening is on Saturday, October 12 at 6:30pm.

Also added 2 “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” stills as well as 14 images from the recent premiere in Norway to the Gallery.

Finally, Jonathan recently added a fashion show for designer Conchita Perez during London Fashion Week. Two images from that event has also been added to the Gallery.

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  1. Rebecca says
    26 September 13 at 6:11pm

    So Excited for this new Dracula series! I have always thought he would make the perfect vampire…Bite On!

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