Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine

Jonathan at premiere of City of Bones

Enjoy video of Jonathan greeting fans at the Norwegian premiere of “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”:

You can also see a short but very sweet interview with Jonathan that includes his girlfriend Victoria from As part of the premiere, Jonathan and fellow cast members put their hands (in the case of Jonny, fists) in wet concrete and signed them for placement at the theatre in Norway.

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  1. Elonette says
    09 October 13 at 3:09pm

    Oh, it`s so nice to see =) I saw the photos and saw the fists! it would be great if he did push-ups )))) What about the film – while watching it I was in impatience to see Valentine. And…He met my expectations. Well done Jonny! It was a pleasure to watch) Some may say it was overplayed but It wasn`t =) I hope you enjoyed this work!

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