Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine

Early buzz & new City of Bones clip featuring Jonathan

Sony has been releasing clips from “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” and we finally have one featuring Jonathan. It showcases the intensity of the character Valentine as Jonathan plays off co-star Jared Harris. Enjoy the sneak peek below:

A fascinating behind the scenes clip of Jonathan in action has also been released:

Last week, Sony held a press screening of the movie. Early reviews are pouring in from the lucky TMI fansites that were invited to the screening. Here are some highlights of the very positive reaction to Jonathan’s portrayal.

From MundieMoms:

Hello evil….. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was the most intense actor of the group. When I say intense, I mean despite the fact Valentine would not wear dreadlocks, and in the movie he does, I looked right past that and couldn’t look away from on screen Valentine. He really brought the scary side, as well as the persuasive side, and this side that makes you see how just how easy it was for Jocelyn in the beginning to fall for him.

From TMI Source:

The strongest aspect of this film was by far the acting. The entire cast nailed their characters from Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace to CCH Pounder as Madame Dorothea to Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine to Lily Collins as Clary to Robert Sheehan as Simon and so much more. It was A+ acting all around…

Jonathan Rhys Meyers flat out scared me as Valentine in the best possible way imaginable. One of the things that myself, along with fans, were a little iffy about was the hair. Not only was it not white, but they gave Valentine dreds, which made it kind of hard to take him seriously. But when Jonathan comes on screen he commands attention and his portrayal of Valentine was downright brilliant and terrifying.

From Fangirlish:

Can we talk that I worry that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is that scary in person, cause when he walks out I want to crawl under my seat and say “Look Dad, I promise I will behave”. He is perfection. PERFECTION. No one could have done that better.

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