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Comic Con coverage & new Dracula trailer

Yesterday, NBC shared an new extended trailer for “Dracula” at the San Diego Comic Con panel for the show “Grimm”. The trailer was introduced by Jonathan in a special video message that he recorded specifically for Comic Con. In the message, from the set in Budapest, he said he wished he could there in person but they were still in production (that and Comic Con didn’t give them a night panel – “The sun and Dracula don’t mix so well.”). He mentioned the talented crew, cast, and writers and how proud he is of the show. They’re working hard to create a show unlike any other. It was a lovely surprise before the trailer was played. NBC has added the trailer online:

If you’re outside the US, you can’t watch the trailer. You may need to use a proxy server or other means to view it.

View the Gallery for more images of the crypt, various promotion around the convention and images from Jonathan’s video introduction.

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  1. Suzanne says
    22 July 13 at 4:58am

    Big thanks Alyse. Hope this series will be a hit.

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