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While Jonathan is currently in Budapest, Hungary filming “Dracula”, RADiUS-TWC is stepping up promotion for the theatrical release of “6 Souls”. Due in theatres April 5th, “6 Souls” is already available on demand from various cable outlets in the U.S. You can view 12 clips from the film on MovieWeb.

In recent interviews with DreadCentral, both Julianne Moore and writer Michael Cooney had wonderful things to say about Jonathan and his performance in “6 Souls”:

Dread Central: I thought Julianne did a fantastic job in the film- Jonathan too. Was it enjoyable for you to see these two seasoned performers bring your script to life?

Michael Cooney: It really was; I couldn’t be happier. Julianne is heartbreaking and brilliant in this and Jonathan’s performance exceeded any kind of expectations I could have possibly had for this very complicated role. The way I wrote it was so challenging that I think I was probably the most nervous about that performance because if you went too far with it in one direction, it could have been way over the top.

So when Jonathan came on board, I felt a lot more at ease because he’s just so earnest and dedicated and really made each of those aspects of his performance into their own separate characters. It was like watching someone play six separate fully-fleshed out characters all at once and there aren’t many actors who could have pulled it off with such subtlety. It’s just a wonderful performance and when you have those scenes with just him and Julianne- just wow.

Dread Central: We spend a lot of time in 6 Souls with just you and Jonathan (Rhys-Meyers), and I thought you guys had wonderful chemistry together- did you get a lot of rehearsal time before shooting?

Julianne Moore: We did get to do a little bit of rehearsal ahead of time, yes. I have to say, though, that Jonathan played this role so beautifully; he’s just such a sensitive soul and his performance in 6 Souls is so compelling to watch. It’s remarkable just how deeply he thought about this role and he just threw everything he had into these characters. That was easy to feed off of and I loved working with him- you never get enough time on these things of course, but when you’re working with a guy like him (Jonathan), it’s easy to get that chemistry going when you’re working with someone who has that kind of energy, even if you don’t have a lot of time at your disposal.

The official trailer is below:

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