Shelter finally gets U.S. release!

After long delays and distribution limbo, “Shelter” is finally seeing the light of day in the U.S.! It’s quite a surprise but welcome news. The only details known so far, are that The Weinstein Company will release the film under its Radius TWC label with new title “6 Souls”. It will hit VOD (Video on Demand) on March 1st with a limited theatrical release starting April 5th. Presumably with a DVD release to follow.

Sources: Shock Til You Drop,, Dread Central

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  1. Sheri says
    14 February 13 at 12:43pm

    Excellent news for the American fans. I don’t know why but it released here in Canada some time ago and I got to see it. Excellent movie, Jonathan really gets to show his range in this one.

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