Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Interview on Russian talk show Evening Urgant

You can watch Jonathan’s lovely interview on Russian talk show Evening Urgant on their website. In it, he talks about “Belle du Seigneur” with some very kind and touching words about the late director Glenio Bonder. A handful of screen captures from the interview have been added to the Gallery.

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  1. Shanti says
    15 November 12 at 9:37pm

    It was his first interview in a long time, so Jonny did it very well, he was very relaxed and his words in memory of Glenio Bonder, were accurate and well deserved.

  2. Elonette says
    10 December 12 at 11:51am

    One day I saw popular in our country tv show The Evening Urgant and…I was pleasantly surprised by seeing Jonathan in it! He said a word that not very suitable in the greetings but the pronounciation…Really, I know very few foreigners that speaks on russian so good! =)
    Pity that meeting was very short because the telecast is limited.
    It was fun))) Talk show made a warm impression.

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