Belle du Seigneur

Gorgeous new Belle du Seigneur stills!

Added some beautiful new stills from “Belle du Seigneur” to the Gallery thanks to Beatrice Film. Updated 5 previous stills with newer larger versions. Added 21 new stills.

The film looks beautiful and recently premiered in the UK as part of the Chichester Film Festival on August 18. The Stealth Media Group is currently in discussions at for a arthouse theatrical release in the UK.

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  1. Suzanne says
    27 August 12 at 8:22pm

    Big thanks Alyse. so beautiful…

  2. Liesa says
    29 August 12 at 2:29pm

    Johnathan should be Mr Christian Grey !

  3. Karen says
    06 September 12 at 5:52am

    When is the premier in Norway?

  4. Helen says
    06 September 12 at 1:09pm

    @Karen – As far as we know nothing for Norway or many other countries apart from Russia and possibly France in January or so I heard but never heard anything more about France for quite a while.

  5. Miranda says
    08 September 12 at 10:49pm

    soooooooooooooooo beautiful !

  6. Jazmin says
    16 October 12 at 10:47pm

    I watched this movie yesterday on HBO so I’m kind of surprised there are people asking about the premier, anyway… I didn’t get it, and I was looking for some answers but I guess I’ll have to wait, just to add something, I can tell you, that the acting is really good, Jonathan and his co-star were really convincing, but the plot was a little confusing (at least it was for me) specially at the end.

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