Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Doodle by Jonathan Rhys Meyers up for auction

Jonathan has contributed to a charity auction for National Doodle Day. Various celebrities have contributed doodles over the years to raise money to support the work of Epilepsy Action.

Jonathan’s work is up for auction on Ebay. The auction ends March 11.

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  1. Marie-José says
    16 March 12 at 1:06pm

    Dear Jonathan Rhys Meyers,

    Thank you very much for supporting the Epilepsy Action! Telling not to much on internet, I know how important this is from neurosurgery.

    Kind regards,

  2. ElizaNomNom says
    25 June 12 at 6:30am

    Dear JRM.

    Not sure if you read, or even receive these fan notes. But can I just let you know that. It was only the other day that a friend of mine suggested that I watch The Tudors. I do recall it being on BBC2 but due to my hectic lifestyle and love of the bottle, I did not indulge seeing as I forget, and I watch most things on-line when it suits.I have seen you in a few things over the years and think you are a very fine actor. Since watching The Tudors (of which I have two more seasons to go) you have blown me away though me being a nobody you prob din’t care. but know this. I have been where you are, I Drink to block out the pain and I cannot see a way out! I have seen the story of your life and can relate. YOU have no Idea. I really wanted to end it all, as I have a huge amount of Tudors to go through. that has been on pause. I used to work very near where you live, and can’t help but think maybe we have met in a pub, albeit a hugely drunken night. But I think Not As I would remember meeting you. You are AMAZING actor. don’t give up the fight. I wish I can be the same.

    Wish you where open minded and mine.


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