Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Auction to save Christ Church in Dublin

Jonathan is participating in an upcoming charity auction to benefit Christ Church in Dublin. No details yet on what he’s donated that will be part of this auction.

A famous cathedral needs to find €2m for its future upkeep.

Christ Church in Dublin, a major tourist attraction, requires an initial cash injection of €1m for essential stonework repairs to its famous bell tower and another €1m for refurbishment of its Chapter House.

Yesterday, model Rosanna Davison, dancer Michael Flatley, singer Roger Whittaker, actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers and a host of well known names got behind a donation drive for an upcoming auction aimed at securing its future.

The historic bell tower boasts the largest number of bells in the world — a total of 19 — producing a sound unrivalled anywhere. But it is under serious threat from leaks.

“Literally, (without the required repairs) the outward stone would just decay away and rot the timbers just like in any building. This hasn’t been attended to since the reordering of the cathedral in 1870,” said the Dean.

The cathedral’s Chapter House at the Dame Street end also needs to be repointed, on top of other conservation works.

In order to raise the money, a “Bid to Save Christ Church” auction has now been planned for this December at the prestigious Sheppard’s Irish Auction House in Co Laois.

Responding to a call for help, managing director Michael Sheppard explained that they are now accepting donations for the auction.

The public auction will take place on December 16 and will be streamed live to attract a wide cross-section of bidders.

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  1. Lynda says
    20 October 11 at 11:08am

    Just like Jonathan, thoughtful & caring. I’m glad to see this beautiful, talented young man is out & about & appears to be on the mend. I hope he has a lot of work lined up as, selfishly I want to see more of him & his incredible talent. His fans really miss him. Keep up the good work jrmfansite, keeping us informed of the delectable J.R.M.

  2. Trisha says
    20 October 11 at 8:50pm

    I am glad Jonathan is getting involved in this. Be apart of a charity auction to help preserve and save Christ Church it is beautiful and I hope that the money will be raised because I would love to be able to hear the bells ring from that bell tower when I visit Ireland one day!!

  3. Casan says
    28 October 11 at 3:45am

    Good cause well done JRM glad he is supporting this cause.

  4. Rachel says
    02 November 11 at 5:58pm

    Hey Jonathan,

    Hoping you are doing well hun. Keep putting one foot in front of the other “Step by Step”. God is good…keep closely behind him…The Good Sheperd looks after His flock. And hey if your like me, yes we do wander through the opening in the fences or that lane looks interesting, but He will guide you back to the right path. Thinking of you and know that strength inside you is & will lead you “Step by Step”. Be proud of yourself.

    From Someone who Cares,

    Rachel :) x

  5. marcela says
    12 November 11 at 9:29pm

    I love this man, is one person very supportive, good fruit planted by his adorable mother

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