Albert Nobbs trailer now online!

Finally, a trailer for “Albert Nobbs” is out. Knowing that Jonathan’s role is quite small, it was a surprise to catch a glimpse of him in this wonderfully cut trailer. Really looking forward to this one! All of the performances look splendid especially the incomparable Glenn Close. Watch it below:

Source: Awards Daily

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  1. Trisha says
    14 October 11 at 6:21pm

    I saw the trailer and although there was just a glimpse of Jonny I still believe that the film will be good and hopefully all who played a part will receive their due praise for the film which I believe is going to be a gem!!

  2. Audrey says
    18 October 11 at 11:41am

    Even though there is only a little bit of Jonny in this movie, I still can’t wait to see this. Premiere date in the Netherlands is 8 March. Still quite a few months, but at least something to look forward to.

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