Belle du Seigneur

Lovely new Belle du Seigneur stills!

Belle du Seigneur
Added 4 beautiful stills from “Belle du Seigneur” to the Gallery thanks to Delux Productions.

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  1. Trisha says
    03 August 11 at 11:24pm

    The pics look great but I am still curious as to when are we going to see more than just really beautiful pics??

  2. Trudie says
    05 August 11 at 5:47am

    He’s incredible and I’m addicted. I hope and pray he can get it together. He has accomplished far greater in his life so far. God has given him so many wonderful gifts. With his inner strength, he needs to dig deep and move forward. You have far more to give, John, I know you can do this. xo,

  3. Kailie Kline says
    05 August 11 at 8:56am

    Happy birthday, John. You are a truly amazing person. Don’t let others bring you down….just happiness. Surround yourself with good people that make you feel good about yourself. The others are not worth your precious time.

  4. audrey says
    07 August 11 at 1:43am

    I hope go see that movie at theatre soon!!!

  5. Laura says
    18 August 11 at 7:06am

    The pictures look really great, thanks for sharing th information 😉 But I am so curious to see more than just pictures! I can’t wait to see it in theatres. But for the time to this day, I think I will take a few million looks at the pictures and imagine how great it will be :)

  6. Marie-José says
    28 August 11 at 12:15pm

    I am very curious, the pictures are much promising!!
    Much regards.

  7. Marie-José says
    29 August 11 at 11:58am

    By leave a reply: my name and email always appears!! I only filled in a comment and I cannot help it but now my name and email always appears! Everybody can read this!! So therefore my urgent question is to solve this problem, otherwise I have to take further steps!!

  8. Alyse says
    29 August 11 at 2:14pm

    Your email is not showing to anyone when you leave a comment. If your name and email auto-fill the comment form, it’s because you’ve set up your browser to auto-complete these fields. I don’t know what browser you are using, but you should change or clear your settings.

  9. Marie-José says
    30 August 11 at 6:59am

    Thank you for your quick response! I did not know anything about browsers….. and thought what have I done and is going on. Thank you for your kindness in answering me.

  10. Rebecca says
    30 August 11 at 3:53pm

    Love the look of this movie! But I want more! LOL : P

    Good Job on the new look for this website .



  11. Sumeragi Subaru says
    06 September 11 at 1:04am

    I love Jonathan and really really appreciate the effort you put into this site.

    But now design looks a bit… er… template-ish. (I liked previous version, though.) I think it’s because of background gradient and non-personalized header. Other then that new structure and fonts look great.
    Comment looks rude, sorry. You can delete it, of course. I just feel a bit frustrated about some changes.

    Also, neutral technical stuff. ) Circled pictures don’t show in Opera and IE. In Google Chrome and Mozilla they look fine.
    Screenshots: (IE) (Opera)

  12. Alyse says
    06 September 11 at 1:56pm

    Thanks for the feedback. I’m still working on various minor tweaks with the new site redesign. But overall, I wanted to go for something more clean and streamlined. I hope I was able to achieve that. I did play with a more graphical header but at least for this go around, it didn’t work out.

    Which version of IE are you using? I can see the circle images on blog posts just fine in IE 8. If some featured images on posts are missing (like in your opera screenshot), it’s because they are not yet set up. I’m going through all archived posts and will be fixing that.

  13. Sumeragi Subaru says
    10 September 11 at 10:20am

    Clean is nice. ) I like everything, except for white on background and header on main page. Maybe it’s just me. )

    Well, my IE is old, I guess. I don’t really use it. So maybe other IE users don’t have that problem.
    I can’t see even recent circle images in Opera. Which are visible in Google chrome. (I asked a friend to do a screenshot) I can see one picture on main page and one on second page, though.
    I’m not qualified to tell why. Don’t know anything about programming. %\

  14. Alyse says
    11 September 11 at 8:14am

    Thanks… I’ll see what I can do about the Opera issue… I hope you’re at least using IE 7. Anything lower is a security risk.

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