Wishing Jonathan well!

Wishing Jonathan Rhys Meyers Well!
Please keep in mind The Sun is a tabloid and is the source of the “news” spreading fast online. Nothing has been officially confirmed or denied. We don’t know what really did or did not happen. If anything official is announced, that will be the only news reported on the JRMfansite out of respect to Jonathan. We don’t want to participate in spreading gossip, rumors and speculation.

Regardless, the outpouring of love and good will towards Jonathan on twitter, facebook, message boards, etc. has been heart warming to see. This talented actor has touched many lives with all the roles he’s played and it’s always upsetting to hear troubling reports about his well being. The JRMfansite continues to support Jonathan professionally and personally as we chronicle and follow his career. Please join in wishing Jonathan and his family love, peace, and privacy during this difficult time.

UPDATE: According to the Hollywood Reporter, a source close to Jonathan says this was NOT a suicide attempt. Jonathan’s representatives have declined comment at this time. Please keep posting all of your wonderful comments in this thread. Comments are held for moderation and will not appear automatically.

All comments will printed and sent to Jonathan’s management in time for July 27. The cut-off for comments is July 20.


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  1. Natascha S says
    03 July 11 at 6:39am

    I think you are a brilliant actor with a beautiful soul. Stay strong.

  2. alicia says
    03 July 11 at 7:39am

    Dear Jonathan,
    Get Happy… I hope that soon you want to live, we all had moments in life, fame is not enough but you will find something to fight and continue to share your fans wonderful moments with your work!
    Love you, a Spanish fan, Alicia

  3. alicia says
    03 July 11 at 7:51am

    All my love, I admire and want to continue seeing you on tv…

  4. Lana says
    03 July 11 at 10:52am

    Jonathan! From depression alcohol and pills do not help-they worsen your condition. Of course dull at the time of your heartache. Make an effort, listen to yourself, what to you is the most important thing in life? If you can not find the answer, I invite you to visit amazing places in Russia, such as the Altai Mountains, there is wonderful sources of healthy water ….

  5. Ana says
    03 July 11 at 12:08pm

    Dear Jonny,

    Look at all these word of love and compassion written for you by all these people. You’ve touched so many lives with your wonderful personality, sensitivity, talent and much more.

    If you take the time to browse online for forums about your work you would find even more love, admiration, fascination, curiosity and smitten minds; all because of your unique self.

    Ignore the tabloids, the uninventive, ever-copying press and their cynicism and lack of compassion. Know that you enchant people worldwide, that you inspire, bring joy and awe and often make someone’s day.

    You have a gift with words and you have a vibe to you that makes people feel captivated and once you’ve got their attention it’s hard to ignore your work and character.

    Love yourself and know that you are stronger than any addiction. We ALL go through ups and downs, just don’t give up; myself and a whole army of people is geared up to enjoy anything and everything you do next, to savour every drop of that creative energy shining through your performances and let it enchant us again and again and again.

    Massive hugs and keep your chin up!
    x x x

  6. Claudia G. says
    03 July 11 at 1:03pm

    Dear Jonathan,
    After rain comes sunshine, promise!
    Look forward to the coming days. You are strong, you are so nice and soon you’ll be healthy again.
    Do not be sad! You are loved by so many people! Always remember, you’re a unique person and everything will be OK!
    Happiness is waiting for you! New love, new movies, all waiting for you :-) Give yourself a smile and forget sadness and worry. It is unfortunately not so easy …. but YOU can do it!
    Always in love, C.

  7. Alaide says
    03 July 11 at 1:03pm

    Beloved Johnny,
    I wish that God give you strength to find your inner peace.
    Do not forget the blessed person, wonderful, brilliant you are.
    I wish you peace, health, success, and I send you my love every day.
    God bless you.
    Many kisses.

  8. Monique says
    03 July 11 at 1:20pm

    Dear Jonathan,
    Wishing you, no matter what, all the best.
    You changed my life and make me smile whenever I think about you.
    Love ya,

  9. Catherine Chesterton says
    03 July 11 at 4:11pm

    Hey Mr M:)
    Just wanted to send my luv through to you at this difficult time. I know you can bounce back. :)
    I have just finished watching your movie ‘The Children of Huang Chi’ and it really reminded me of what a brilliant actor you truely are.
    I have always found you amazing to watch on screen because you seem so real in all the roles you play, you don’t fake it like the rest of them.
    Please get better soon. :)
    Lots of hugs from Cath in South Africa
    ps. YOU have STUNNING eyes by the way. They make my heart melt EVERY time! 😉

  10. Yolie says
    03 July 11 at 4:39pm

    Dear Johnny:

    You are respected, admired and loved by so many people who follow your talented work. You have a special and unique way to get into the heart of your roles; we believe in you! Keep the faith, win the race against your troubles, you are in charge. You are not alone, we all face difficulties and it’s our duty to resolve and find the anwer. You owe it to yourself, family, friends and in addition the millions of people who love you so much around the world. I am always praying and thnking of for you. This too shall pass! I look forward with great anticipation to hear all is fine and also to see your upcoming movies. Johnny, I hope you are aware of how lucky you are to be loved and cared for. God Bless You!

  11. carmen says
    03 July 11 at 4:59pm

    Dear Jonny, I am very concerned about your sorrow, be happy with so many people who want you well.
    You’re my favorite actor, I want to see you on TV in the movies, interviews, publicity. I’m rooting for you, because besides being a great actor, you’re a nice guy who deserves all good.
    I really like you, with all my heart be happy. You are beautiful inside and out, an incredible man, I can see it in your eyes.
    thousand kisses
    Carmen -Brazil

  12. Kandise says
    03 July 11 at 6:36pm

    Still praying, don’t lose faith. Give it all to God and he will see you through this.

  13. Serife says
    04 July 11 at 1:41am

    Dear Jonny,

    I still hope it’s not true, what we read.
    If it’s true, never do it again please!
    We believe in you, so please believe in us!

    I’m thinking about a trip to London ;*
    Sometimes wishes come true.

    All the best for you.

    Take care, you wonderful and beautiful something!

    Your fan from Germany ;*

  14. Elena says
    04 July 11 at 1:53am

    Dear Jonathan!
    Take care, you – to us are necessary! You very talented person!
    Yours faithfully, Elena (Russia).

  15. Willian says
    04 July 11 at 3:23am


    I hope you get better soon as possible,and never forget who you are and be strong, because me and all your fans love you very much, don’t matter what the problem is. If you keep trying you’ll win. Giving up is not an option. You gave to me things that nobody could. I was so happy to stay hours and hours in front of my TV watching Velvet Goldmine over and over again. Never forget, you have your family, your friends, and your FANS around the world. I’m very proud of you!! Keep shining!

  16. ALINA says
    04 July 11 at 3:43am

    So many people are wishing you well Jonathan, because you are so important to us! Don’t you see? You can fight! So fight! It’s not easy, but you are not alone.You have us…WE ARE HERE…RIGHT BESIDE YOU!!!!!! God bless you.
    /Alina from Romania/

  17. jana says
    04 July 11 at 4:06am

    “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”
    So dear Jonathan, for us fans, you’re this “something good in every day.” Please be strong because you’re such a great person.
    Love you and support you always!

  18. Olga says
    04 July 11 at 5:02am

    Dear Jonathan!
    Look! So many people love you!
    Please, be careful!
    You are so young and so talented!
    Be healthy, strong and wise. Be happy!

    From Russia with love!

  19. LANA says
    04 July 11 at 6:10am

    Jonathan! Do not do things which you will be sorry! Come to RUSSIA ON A VISIT …

  20. Suzanne says
    04 July 11 at 6:17am

    Dear Jonathan,

    You are an inspired and sensitive man. Life gave you an immense talent and you worked hard so that you bloom and shine. Use the same energy to fight and win. Forgive yourself, be not overwhelmed by the dark side of your drives. Rely on this great power that we have all to survive in the serenity.

    My thoughts are with you. xx

  21. Angie says
    04 July 11 at 7:24am

    Dear Jonathan,

    I am very unhappy that you feel bad off. You’re such a great actor. I’ve seen you as King Henry, nobody could have played this role as unique as you. Also the role in August Rush. I wish so much that you feel better soon. Please think of the many beautiful little things in life and rejoice in the fact. I think of you and sending you lots of confidence from Germany.

    Love, Angie

  22. Eiko Saito says
    04 July 11 at 7:57am

    Dear Jonathan,

    I so love your performance. Your splendid. You give me spirit to live for.
    Please take care. I believe that you get well.
    I wish Jonathan, love, peace & privacy! I support you forever from Japan.

  23. Janine says
    04 July 11 at 10:08am

    Dear Jonny, I hope you’ll be well as soon as possible. I hope you will find your way back. Take your time. You don’t need to hurry. It’s your life and that’s important. You don’t have to be strong the whole day long. Be yourself, in a good way. You’re not alone. The whole world is just there for you, in their thoughts. Be strong enough to rescue yourself. My hopes and wishes goes to you. Be yourself and no one else. You’re such a talented actor, singer. Never give up and never look back.
    Many greetings from Germany. sending you hugs and kisses.

  24. sadia says
    04 July 11 at 10:36am

    get well and be happy for life

  25. Rachel says
    04 July 11 at 3:49pm

    Jonathan, I sincerely desire a quick recovery to you.
    Because life has difficult moments, but very beautiful ones too.
    From Spain, best wishes.

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