Wishing Jonathan well!

Wishing Jonathan Rhys Meyers Well!
Please keep in mind The Sun is a tabloid and is the source of the “news” spreading fast online. Nothing has been officially confirmed or denied. We don’t know what really did or did not happen. If anything official is announced, that will be the only news reported on the JRMfansite out of respect to Jonathan. We don’t want to participate in spreading gossip, rumors and speculation.

Regardless, the outpouring of love and good will towards Jonathan on twitter, facebook, message boards, etc. has been heart warming to see. This talented actor has touched many lives with all the roles he’s played and it’s always upsetting to hear troubling reports about his well being. The JRMfansite continues to support Jonathan professionally and personally as we chronicle and follow his career. Please join in wishing Jonathan and his family love, peace, and privacy during this difficult time.

UPDATE: According to the Hollywood Reporter, a source close to Jonathan says this was NOT a suicide attempt. Jonathan’s representatives have declined comment at this time. Please keep posting all of your wonderful comments in this thread. Comments are held for moderation and will not appear automatically.

All comments will printed and sent to Jonathan’s management in time for July 27. The cut-off for comments is July 20.


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  1. Chris says
    30 June 11 at 2:00pm

    We all love you Jonathan, you are so good in what you do and I love seeing you on screen.
    Hope you’ll get better soon
    Lots of hugs and support

  2. Linda and Royce says
    30 June 11 at 2:23pm

    As someone who has never even written a fan letter before, we wanted to say that you are an incredibly talented young man. As former world history teachers here in America (Texas), we immensely enjoyed the Tudors-you made that part! Please take care of yourself and we hope to see you in many more movies.

  3. Jennifer says
    30 June 11 at 2:28pm

    Jonny, I just wanted to tell you you’re in my heart and in my prayers. I hope things start getting better for you really really’re a wonderful amazing man with a heart of gold who deserves the very best and all the happiness in the world. We all love you, we all care about you, and we all support you 110 %. *HUGS*

  4. Zanny says
    30 June 11 at 2:30pm

    Hoping this is just gossip but if not then I know how you’re feeling right now, and trust me its not the answer. There is so much more to look forward to. I also know that whatever issues you have are tough to go through and at times you’ll feel so alone. However life is far too short and it needs to be lived to the full. Its not an easy road to recovery and you will never be alone whilst on that road, even if you think you are. Keep your chin up. Always thinking of you as so many others are too. You deserve to be happy and have the best that life can offer you. xxx

  5. Ginger says
    30 June 11 at 2:51pm

    Please take care of yourself and get well. There are people in this world who have never met you…people who will never meet you and yet we can’t imagine a world without you.

  6. Tangledfan says
    30 June 11 at 3:01pm

    Wishing you well Jonny and hoping that you’ll beat this. My thoughts are with you now more than ever. I Love you.

  7. nadia says
    30 June 11 at 3:02pm

    I want to wish you a speedy recovery. You are so talented, admired and adored by many of your fans across the world, especially here in South America. I would follow Tudors religiously just to see you, I felt your passion in playing King Henry. Please know that all your South American fans are praying for you. Do what you have to do to get past this addiction that is affecting you. May God Bless you, keep you and cause his face to shine upon you. You Shall Overcome. Love Always Your biggest fan

  8. Sue says
    30 June 11 at 3:07pm

    Best wishes to Jonathan, such fantastic talent, so cool in the Tudors, he certainly captured my attention as a really professional actor, and a stunner as well, Love Sue xxx

  9. daisiesrtruer says
    30 June 11 at 3:25pm

    Jonathan, be safe and be gentle on yourself.
    One day at a time, sweetheart.
    God bless.

  10. Linda says
    30 June 11 at 4:21pm

    Stop and look around you……look at the trees the sky the kids the old people sunset sunrises and youself. Life is hard but it is bloody awesome as well. Take time to think about the simple things….Your alive and be grateful for it. You are an awesome actor, know it. Don’t waste life, you are only given one chance.
    I don’t know you but my heart goes out to you and know that as a mum my heart breaks for the times you are going through. Love Life, you are the most important person in your life.

  11. Beverly says
    30 June 11 at 4:38pm

    Jonathan, We are wishing you well! You are a fabulous actor, and really drew me into your role as king in Tudors! You can overcome and be a strong person, we all are behind you! You need to get it together and see that life is better when seen thru clear glasses!! Take Care

  12. Trisha says
    30 June 11 at 4:48pm

    I wish you all the best and hope that what has brought this sadness will be something that with your great strength and tenacity you will overcome!! My prayers, thoughts, and best wishes are with you as they will always be!!! Look forward to seeing you in better health and happy in all things!!!

    Do know that whatever the world may say of a man who has stumbled, it is not how he landed on the ground but, with the spirit and will that gets up and strives on.


  13. Svetlana from Russia says
    30 June 11 at 4:57pm

    We need you!!!
    We LOVE you!!!!!

  14. Paulo says
    30 June 11 at 5:07pm

    Dear Mr. JRM,

    My family and I wish you a speedy recovery and pray that you shall get better. You will overcome your demons with all the worlds love and support behind you.

    You are an amazing actor and have alot more amazing roles to fulfill.

    Please know that you are a extremely talented actor and you are loved.

    God Bless!

  15. Bitten says
    30 June 11 at 5:08pm

    Prayers and Love Jonathan. May you find the strength to keep fighting the fight my dear. God bless.

  16. sylvia says
    30 June 11 at 5:42pm

    You remind of Anthony Hopkins and Sean Connery. I believe that you’re good actor and will have big success someday. I want you to have a happy life and find the will to love it. I know life is hard, but you can do it. In my prayer that someday I’ll hear that you getting married and going to be a father. I love you, Jonathan!

  17. sylvia says
    30 June 11 at 5:53pm

    Be strong Jonathan. I know things seem dark but they’ll get better. I watch a lot of your films and The Tudors. You remind me of a lot of other European actors. You’re an amazing actor. Who knows, someday you might win an oscar. Please take care and I love you, Jonathan.

  18. Katie says
    30 June 11 at 6:20pm

    Sending you warm, healing thoughts. Please remember that you are loved by people you don’t even know and we are all pulling for you and wishing you the best. Take care of yourself. Wishing you peace and better days ahead.

  19. Nan says
    30 June 11 at 6:38pm

    Please remember that you are loved by people you don’t even know and we are all pulling for you and wishing you the best. We all wish you well. Saying prayers for you in this time of need and always. You are very talented actor. And I cannot wait to see you in more roles.

  20. Joy says
    30 June 11 at 6:40pm

    May god and the universe bless you Jonathan. We are praying hard for you and please know that you have so many fans the world over who love and respect your work and you and want you to pull through this. The world is a better place with you in it.

  21. Pedro Camacho says
    30 June 11 at 6:49pm

    Jonathan, wherever you are, let you know I’m thinking and praying for you, dear one. I always will be with you. You are very special to a lot of good people who love you – please, stay strong, I’m sure all us are sending our best energies to you in this particular moment. I’m wishing my best to you. God bless you, Jonny.

  22. 30 June 11 at 6:59pm

    I’m a huge fan of this guy- not just his work, but him. As twisted, complicated and moody as he seems- there is something amazing there. There is a flip side to everything and let’s face it, we love him because he is exciting. It’s just sometimes he’s exciting like winning the lottery or a job promotion and other times he’s exciting like a car wreck or a tornado. It’s much easier being average- when you’re too beautiful, too smart, or too talented (or too ugly, stupid or talentless) life is hard. The characteristics that make him exceptional have the potential to make or break him- which is ultimately his choice. I hope he learns to rock who he is and love himself more instead of only when others are loving him- then again I think we’re all a little like that… it’s harder to love ourselves sometimes because we *know* ourselves and we think “God if they only knew…” lol. I wish him the best. As far as everyone saying he needs “professional help” that’s fine but it seems he’s tried that with drinking how many times? He goes to rehab and relapses, goes to rehab and relapses, goes to rehab and relapses. I’m not a math genius but I don’t need a calculator to figure out how that would go again. I’m not saying there is not a solution to the problem I’m just saying that doesn’t seem to be it- and sometimes being told over and over you have a “disease” and are “out of control” can do more harm than good. Just because rehabilitation centers are part of a billion dollar industry and most follow the Minnesota Model doesn’t mean that is the most effective method of treatment. It’s not a one-size-fits-all, I think he will find that his solution is outside of the box- kinda like him. Wishing you the best Jonny- love from Missouri!

  23. Mary says
    30 June 11 at 7:19pm

    Your talent and ambition will see you through. God bless.

  24. Nicole says
    30 June 11 at 7:19pm

    You have all the support from Ecuador. Show the world that you can get better. You have all my best wishes. Please don’t go. Such an amazing actor can’t die! You got all my love!

  25. sherri himes says
    30 June 11 at 7:23pm

    Please Please Please take care of yourself… you have a huge fan base that respects and admires you very much! Life is what YOU make it. None of us are perfect… kisses!

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