Jonny attends Fashion’s Night Out

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Reena Hammer at Fashion's Night Out
After a long break from the spotlight, Jonathan has made an appearance! Jonathan, with Reena by his side, attended the Giorgio Armani kick-off party for the big Fashion’s Night Out event last night in London. From the London Evening Standard:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers dropped by to see Armani, despite him being the face of rival Hugo Boss. “Giorgio is an incredible designer,” he said. “I don’t spend a lot of time at these kind of things so it’s rare that I’ll dress up for something. I’m usually at home doing chores.”

Enjoy 17 photos of Jonathan and Reena from the party.

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  1. JRM says
    09 September 10 at 6:45pm

    What is Reena’s nationality? Where’s she from?

  2. Megan says
    10 September 10 at 2:54am

    great to see him out somewhere. i’ve been worried sick about him and reena. good to see them again – happy and in a good well shape :)

  3. Shirley says
    10 September 10 at 10:03am

    Great to see Jonny looking so happy and healthy. Even glad he in good relationship, suppose i should give up my dream of becoming Mrs Rhys Meyers. Reena a wonderful lady to stand by Jonathan through all his porblems and she never seeks the spotlight for herself. Thanks again Alyse for updates. Looking forward to Jonathans new work.

  4. Katie says
    10 September 10 at 1:14pm

    Great to see Johnny smiling!
    They really look happy together…all the best to both of them!
    Love you, Johnny…hang in there and truly enjoy your life!
    From Arizona

  5. anna von kleve says
    13 September 10 at 5:22am

    ein wunderschoenes paar!man hofft fuer lange but anna hat kein so gutes gefuehl.
    ich wuensche dir jonathan einen guten dreh fuer deinen neuen film!
    bis bald.
    with much love
    anne of cleves

  6. sarah says
    13 September 10 at 12:25pm

    Thanks for the photos of Jonny and Reena, so good to see him out and about and looking happy!!! He should do it more often! Looking forwards to the new movies Jonathan! Keep strong xx

  7. Susan says
    21 September 10 at 9:33pm

    Why do they post pictures that make JRM look confused and not focused? Someone ought to take more time and just pick flattering pictures of him. I can’t believe he approves some of these pictures. He is so fantanstic looking and these pictures don’t do him justice. I agree with Shirley. He looks happy and I’ve been worried about him. He is a great talent. Miss the Tudors!!!

  8. there's glitter in my cornbread! says
    28 September 10 at 4:28pm

    It is so fabulous to see them out. He looks healthy and happy, and Reena is just glowing. I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor, “Belle Du Seigneur.” I am reading the novel now, and WOW! It should be heavenly.

  9. Nicole Holbrook says
    01 October 10 at 11:56pm

    Great to see that they are both happy.

  10. Anik says
    08 October 10 at 3:31pm

    Good to see them. They look very happy. Well, I’m also happy for them.

  11. DebbieD says
    19 November 10 at 5:36am

    Lovely to see them happy together ^^

    I think Jonathan could do with a good long break to just focus on some down time and family, though. He looks exhausted in his soul.

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