Shelter Trailer Online!

Get ready for a scary and chilling trailer for Jonathan’s new film “Shelter”.

The Japanese website also has a trailer up, which is more graphic. The film is set for release in Japan on March 27 and the UK on April 9. There’s no set release date in North America yet.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. Rebecca says
    02 March 10 at 6:03pm

    Wow! This looks wonderfully creepy and interesting. Hmm wonder when it will be released in the States? Thanks for posting it.

  2. Kelly says
    03 March 10 at 7:29am

    I cannot wait to see this movie…JRM is the best actor I have ever seen in my life…such diversity….Love him!!!!!!!

  3. dreameire says
    07 March 10 at 11:28pm

    Well, the IMDB says it has a distributor for Canada, so it’s coming to PART of N. America. Those of us who are on the border can drive over! 😀

  4. eSPERANZA says
    15 November 10 at 12:15pm

    Hello!!! Do I need to know if they are going to release it in Spain and when?

    THank You!!!!!!!

  5. Christy says
    11 January 11 at 5:36pm

    Okay, I saw that it will be out here in Feb, no? OMG! I have to see this!!!!

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