Jonathan Rhys Meyers

BAFTA videos & photos

19 images of Jonathan attending the BAFTA’s have been added to the Gallery. Below is a clip of Jonathan presenting the Production Design award with actress Rebecca Hall:

Another quick clip of Jonathan on the red carpet signing autographs:

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  1. Nikola says
    23 February 10 at 7:46am

    My God he´s so perfect… Looks kinda younger, doesn´t he?

  2. Rebecca says
    26 February 10 at 5:08pm

    Is it my imagination or is Johnny wearing heels of some sort? In the Bafta images it looks like he is standing tippy toe or going to lean over. Sorry :*( ::huggles:: Johnny! Just not use to seeing images of him like that. I think he is at least 5″10 so I think he does not need the height of heels.

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