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From Paris With Love premiere From Paris With Love premiere From Paris With Love premiere
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  1. Zayna says
    09 February 10 at 1:55pm

    Hi Alyse,

    Didn’t know exactly where to post this so I just put it here – a review of From Paris with Love – if you need to move it or you don’t have a place for it, I understand.

    Hubby and I went to see From Paris with Love this afternoon. Not that Hubby’s a big fan of Jonathan’s but he was being supportive because he knows I am. 😛

    It’s actually the first movie of Jonathan’s that I’ve seen on the big screen and I wasn’t disappointed. Jonathan’s character, James Reese, has as much screen time if not more than John Travolta’s character, Charlie Wax.

    I took the advice of reviewer’s and didn’t expect deep plot lines or to be moved emotionally. It’s really not that kind of movie. But boy did it deliver on what I did expect, which was lots of shoot ’em and loose ’em bullets flying and car chase scenes.

    The story itself really does focus on the budding relationship between the two main characters. Everything else is just in your face circumstance that doesn’t really warrant explanation.

    Reese’s by the book mentality and Wax’s what book? tactics make for some interesting scenes and a couple of really good one liners.

    The real treat was the obvious chemistry between the two main actors. Besides having first names, blue eyes and not hard to look at faces in common, the actors share a not so subtle humility toward their work that shines through on the screen.

    The last thing this film does is take itself seriously and that’s what was fun about it.

    Oh, and Jonathan’s American accent was very good though there were parts where you could just tell the Irish was dying to get out. But he also speaks both French and Chinese (Mandarin, I think) in this movie and he does an amazing job at both. 😉

    A definite must see for any Jonathan fan.

  2. Mari says
    14 March 10 at 9:44am


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