Talk about Love

Another video interview from Glam TV:

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  1. Scorta says
    03 February 10 at 12:19am

    For Jonathan : please keep your irish accent. I would not like you speaking american.
    Une admiratrice

  2. Jola says
    09 February 10 at 9:29am

    Modesty is a beautiful virtue…Im really proud of these two actors that they are so “normal” even they are so much talented …please dont change…

  3. anna von kleve says
    19 February 10 at 6:42am

    or facebook

  4. Beth, says
    26 May 10 at 9:10am

    Jonny, love you and your irish accent. Hope you will be well soon. Hope you will learn to conquer your lifelong addiction.
    Jonny, love all of your movies & interviews and your Irish accent. Hope you will be able to manage your addiction which is lifelong. Would love to see you in person.
    Love you,

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