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Lots of interviews are popping up for “From Paris With Love” promotion. Check out some video and text interviews below, starting with this Trailer Addict interview:

And a couple of blurbs from the “From Paris With Love” premiere:

OK! Magazine:

Here comes Mr. Rhys Meyers, who is kind as always. He takes off his glasses for the TV cameras, and I catch him careening on his tip-toes. What?! He’s also wearing high-heeled boots. Still, he’s a true movie star, and game for everything.

In fact, girlfriend Reena is wearing her holiday swag tonight.

“We went to Christian Louboutin at Christmas and went crazy,” the Irish actor says.

“They’re on my feet right now,” the beauty says, basking in the heat. (She was shivering outside.)

What surprised him about Mr. Travolta?

“You imagine how people are and then you work with them, and obviously they’re going to be different,” Jonathan tells me. “He’s an incredibly nice guy. Sometimes you’re shocked. I find the more successful – the bigger stars that I work with, the nicer they are.”

Jonathan has high praise for the Grease icon’s mission to Haiti.

“That’s who he is as a person,” he says. “He wasn’t doing it because ‘hey, I’m a movie star and I’ve got an airplane. Let me fly down here and give you guys something.’ He did it because he’s John. And that’s just who he is. I wasn’t surprised.”


Rhys Meyers said the thriller appealed to him because he got to play a role in which he “wasn’t the manipulator.”

For the star, who worked on pic in late 2008, after completing season three of “The Tudors” and “Shelter” with Julianne Moore, the hardest part of the France shoot was “maintaining the high level of energy” that the film demanded.

“By the time Christmas came, I slept through the entire holiday,” he said.

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  1. Zayna says
    02 February 10 at 12:38pm

    I’m so happy to see Jonathan doing the full press tour. He’s doing an amazing job and I think he’s finally coming into his own. Saw him on Martha Stewart this morning and he did an amazing job.

    He seems to have finally developed the confidence he needs to sell himself as a full fledged movie star…the one we all know he is. I think he’s realized that he’s paid his dues, with well over 30 movies under his belt and a very successful tv series.

    Still, his humbleness shines through and that makes him all the more endearing.

    I’m loving that people are finally seeing this side of Jonathan, instead of just the bad press he’s gotten in the last few years, and I believe it’s going to do wonders for his career.

    As always, thanks Alyse. :)

  2. Susan says
    03 March 10 at 6:52pm

    I think the Tudors was hard on him. You can see how he seems more relaxed now that it is over. Can’t wait to see Season 4 and I know I will cry when it ends. I plan to see all of his movies and wish him the best of luck and happiness. Can’t find Season 2 or 3 at the stores.

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