Upcoming TV Alerts

Listings of upcoming Jonathan appearances on TV for promotion of “From Paris With Love”:

This post will be updated if more TV appearances are announced.

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  1. Alice says
    23 January 10 at 4:16am

    I can’t wait for the Grand Journal. It’s my favorite talk show. A friend of mine will be in the public and may be meet Jonny!

  2. christiane says
    24 January 10 at 4:28am

    I am very happy that he come back in france for do an interview in live
    good chance

  3. christiane says
    24 January 10 at 7:24am

    i hope that noboby will talk about the problems you have had in france
    fingers crossed
    we like you

  4. somersault says
    24 January 10 at 8:02pm

    oh… could it be true or possible when he once will be in France he could visit Germany, too?

    ..oh god.. please let be so!! jonny’s first time on german television, maybe this little dream will be become true very very soon!

  5. Zayna says
    26 January 10 at 8:45am

    Thanks for the info Alyse. :)

  6. Zayna says
    01 February 10 at 11:56am

    Saw Jonathan on Regis and Kelly this morning. It was a good interview and he looked happy and healthy. He broke into his American accent, at Regis’ prodding, which was fun.

    They mentioned the Tudors but they didn’t ask Jonathan anything about how he felt it being the last year, what he liked best about playing Henry VIII or what he liked least about it – which is what I would have asked. So that was a bit disappointing.

    They showed a clip from the new movie and it was a great scene. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

    Thanks again Alyse for posting his appearances.

  7. Kelly says
    02 February 10 at 8:44am

    I had to work Monday so I did not get to see Jonny on Regis and Kelly…and now cannot find Marthat Stewart on my TV …so I have missed both shows!!!!! Sooooooo upset …my birthday is Wednesday and thought I was starting the week off right seeing beautiful Jonny, but now so sad…please put the video on here so I can see it. I tried to go to the Regis and Martha web sites but could not find the interviews just written stuff on Jonny. Thanks

  8. Scorta says
    11 February 10 at 4:44am

    J’attends avec impatience le Grand journal de canal + pour voir JRM que j’adore. J’espère qu’il parlera beaucoup malgré la présence Travolta et, qu’il ne portera pas ces horribles lunettes qui cachent ses beaux yeux.

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