JRMfansite social network grows

It’s hard to imagine, but this fansite has been up and running in some form or another for over 12 years now! Talk about ancient in internet years. From the early days to now, times have certainly changed…

Almost 3 years ago, I started the JRMfansite livejournal community. It’s grown to 130 members. The purpose remains unchanged. All news and updates posted here are crossposted there. It’s also this site’s backup in case of any server problems.

Last April, I started a JRMfansite Twitter. I had no idea if anyone would find it useful but it’s quickly reached 206 followers and growing. Each time this site is updated, a tweet goes out.

Today, I finally got around to starting a JRMfansite Facebook fan page. If you become a fan, each time this site is updated, you should see a status update in your live feed.

What’s the next step? Any suggestions?

2010 is just around the corner. The premiere of the last season of “The Tudors” and 2 new Jonny films on the horizon. Expect a site redesign in the works too. Big thanks to all long time and new visitors for keeping this site going for so long!!! :)

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  1. Pauli says
    04 December 09 at 5:29pm

    Hii! :)
    I have a question! Do you know if the site twitter.com/Jonathan_Meyers is real?
    I mean if it is his personal twitter…

    I hope you can reply me!
    I always read you :)

  2. Alyse says
    04 December 09 at 5:53pm

    No, this is not real. Currently, Jonathan does not have an official twitter account. Maybe someday.

  3. tangledfan says
    04 December 09 at 9:47pm

    Alyse…I LOVE this site and will certainly become a fan on Facebook. Just want to THANK YOU for all of your hard work for ALL of us. The site is top notch….always has been. I have made a number of good friends from being a member in here. I’m grateful for a place where true and loyal Jonny fans can gather to talk about our fav actor and this wonderful talented man. I think Jonny would be/is very pleased with the site. I am SURE that he reads what we post in here. Keep up the good work my friend!!

    Take care,

  4. Zayna says
    05 December 09 at 9:42am

    Congratulations Alyse! Indeed 12 is ancient when it comes to the internet. I love the site and I really can’t think of any way you could make it better. Though I’m sure whatever you come up with will be great.


  5. lesley says
    07 December 09 at 2:26am

    i love your site; i think i came across it 10 years ago. jonathan is so mesmerizing and his eyes look like they look right through you, anyway let me stop. but i have been a jrm fan from the first time i saw him in the governess or ride the devil; i can’t remember but i know it has been awhile. i will like to thank you, your staff and jonathan for the lovely pictures i have received over the years. i still have them and will cherish them, i think i might even be buried with them, lol. just kidding or maybe not, lol. take care.

  6. Yasmin says
    08 December 09 at 3:59am

    ohhh thank you!!!!!
    Thank you for updating the website provided for reporting the news of Jonny. I love this site, is great!! Before I used to enter the forum often, but I’m from Spain and often takes a long time to read all the comments in English (and understandint them too) and answer what I think of them, because they took me a long time. But that does not mean it is no longer a follower of Jonny, on the contrary, I still love him as much since I discovered him, and I always keep going on the web!!!
    Thanks very much for all the work you do!!!

  7. Nath says
    11 December 09 at 12:33pm

    Congratulations for the 12 years ! I love love love Johnny and I really love your site. I need my fix on an (almost) daily basis. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated. Looking forward for the site redesign (though the site is just great as it is now). Thank you for making me feel that my addiction is a good thing …

  8. Ripan says
    12 December 09 at 9:46pm

    i love this site thanks for ur hard work

  9. Joanna says
    04 January 10 at 8:32am

    Hello!!! :)
    This site is really amazing and I’m very happy to be a member!!!!
    Well i have a question that i would like you to answer…
    I happen to be a fan on Jonathans’ page on facebook and I would like to certain if this page is real, that Jonathan use it.
    Thank you very mush and continue this amazing and hard work!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  10. 14 January 10 at 12:16am

    Thank you very much for this site and your hard work! <3

  11. Alyse says
    29 January 10 at 11:02am


    Thank you for the comment. What is the link to this facebook page? Jonathan does not have an official and authorized facebook page/account. Please be careful of imposters.


  12. Andria says
    01 February 10 at 11:05am

    I love your website. Lots of hard work goes into this to keep everyone updated on all you do. I saw you on the Regis show, and you looked handsome. I think you are the sexiest man alive.
    I am completely in love with you. Your interviews are all so interesting. I loved the Hugo interviews. You are COOL. I think you are very intellectually stimulating beyond so many other actors who just are good looking, with not much else going on for them, You seem to have it all, and I can’t wait to meet you one day. Good luck with The Tudors. It is my favorite show and you are outstanding in it. I think the entire show is incredible and you are the best King I’ve ever seen played in a movie. Including Richard Burton. You make my heart skip a beat. Best wishes and keep up the good work. With never ending love, Andria

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