From Paris trailer online

The official “From Paris With Love” red band trailer is now online! IMDB is also listing the film’s release in the US as being bumped up to February 5.
Unfortunately, the red band trailer has been removed from all sites per the studio.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine albert-nobbs


  1. Zayna says
    17 September 09 at 11:02am

    I just LOVE Jonathan’s American accent…not quite as sexy as his Irish brogue, but still totally hot. Looks like it’ll be a good movie.

  2. june says
    18 September 09 at 8:21am

    The movie looks like it will be pretty good, I like the comdey along with the action. John T. character is funny and I like it. JRM is pretty good I like the fact that he is doing some action movies. Maybe, in the future we can see him as the next James Bond?
    He certianly has the look now. He is getting better with age. Sexy!

  3. Ricky says
    21 September 09 at 5:57pm

    Wow! What a nice trailer. Cant wait for the real movie on Feb.

  4. Max says
    03 October 09 at 3:02pm

    looks good, thanks

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