Jonny on TV

Jonathan gave a recent interview on This Morning in the UK on September 4 to promote “The Tudors”. You can get a glimpse of his Season 4 look.

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  1. Zayna says
    15 September 09 at 1:33pm

    Thanks Alyse for posting that.

    Don’t often get to see Jonathan just sitting down being himself. It’s such a treat.

  2. Ripan says
    17 September 09 at 12:55am

    i love u jonny umaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Myra says
    17 September 09 at 5:58pm

    I am so disappointed that the Children of Hausag is not at the video store. When will it be released? Can someone help me with a date. Thanks.

  4. lisa says
    26 September 09 at 8:51pm

    oh he looks so good it looks like hes doing better omg is he cute

  5. Safa says
    28 September 09 at 11:53am

    The Children of Hausag is at BLOCKBUSTER, its a very good movie, well done JRM!

  6. Max says
    03 October 09 at 3:02pm

    aww not available :(

  7. lanie says
    06 November 09 at 2:09pm

    I found the Children of Huang Shi in Best Buy about a year ago.

  8. jude says
    13 November 09 at 1:12pm

    There are a few movies I haven’t seen of JRM. Where can I get them? I really want to see all of them.

  9. Alyse says
    04 December 09 at 6:07pm

    You should try or Netflix for some movies that are on DVD. There are some that only available in Asia or Europe. Those are much harder to track down but they are out there. Good luck.

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