Tudors smash ratings

Season 3 of “The Tudors” premiered on BBC2 in the UK last Friday night to fantastic ratings! It netted 2.3 million viewers.

Minor gallery update: Added 8 new Energie ads for the Fall 2009 campaign and a new still from “Shelter”.

Energie has also posted an amazing behind the scenes video of the Fall 2009 photo shoot. Definitely a must-see!

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  1. Ripan says
    27 August 09 at 7:11pm


  2. Zayna says
    28 August 09 at 5:15pm

    Always a delight to see Jonathan in anything but these ads seem like such a waste of his talent. Pose and pout…pout and pose.

    I just saw Titus and was so impressed with his line deliveries (Shakespeare people!)…and that was like 10 years ago.

    I’m convinced that the right role at the right time and Jonathan will become a household name.

  3. Maya says
    30 August 09 at 7:06pm

    He is gorgeous!!!!!

  4. Alice says
    02 September 09 at 12:20pm

    he is gorgeous! i love this man…

  5. gina says
    11 September 09 at 4:07pm

    Es tan hermoso que puedo llorar te amo y me urge verlo en una

  6. LC says
    19 September 09 at 6:40pm

    He is a great model as well as a great actor.

  7. Jeannette says
    26 September 09 at 12:26pm

    Zayna, You mean he’s not a household name already? Just teasing…He certainly is a household name at my house. Just love him-so remarkably talented and handsome. He has the entire package for sure.

    Previously I mentioned I am old enough to be his mother which I am-however that doesn’t render me immune to how gorgeous he really is. I agree that he has not yet had that real “break-out” role. There have been many awesome ones so far but this fella is going to have an amazing career with so many great roles ahead of him. I notice each and every time I see him perfom, he improves. I look forward to watching him on TV and the big screen for many years to come.

    Keep up the great work JRM- & please try to stay out of trouble-luv yahX0

  8. Susan says
    03 October 09 at 10:42am

    Just saw Children of Huang Shi. The scenery was unbelievable. Loved seeing JRM in a different role. As always he draws you in with his eyes. I too think he will be a lot bigger once he is done with the Tudors. I see so many stupid movies and the acting just sucks. Can’t wait to see JRM blast them. Children of Huang Shi hasn’t made it to the video store yet. Can’t believe it wasn’t in theaters. I live in rural area though. It’s on calbe on October 15 if you want to catch it. Good luck to you Jonathan!! Really enjoyed the movie!!

  9. Max says
    03 October 09 at 3:04pm


  10. Susan says
    05 January 10 at 9:29pm

    I plan on boycotting the Emmy’s this year. It is so wrong JRM isn’t nominated. I bet bad boy Charlie Sheen get’s an award. They would have to be stupid not to nominate JRM. Join me and not watch this pure ignorance of seeing such a talented actor.

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