Happy Birthday Jonathan


Join the JRMfansite in sending well wishes and love to Jonathan on his birthday!

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Wishing Jonathan Rhys Meyers Well!


  1. Alanna Child says
    06 August 09 at 10:32am

    Happy late birtday Jonathan! It was my birthday too. I love sharing it with you. Hope you had a great day!!!! Much Love!!!

  2. Adriana Reza says
    06 August 09 at 7:17pm

    Congratulations! Eres bello.


  3. Kerry says
    07 August 09 at 12:27am

    Strong and weak
    Shallow and deep
    Thorn and rose
    One perpetual pose
    Naked with clothes
    Active in repose

    Torn and forlorn
    Recognition adorns
    Precious and precocious
    Feral and ferocious
    Pauper and king
    Innocence and sin
    Lose and win
    A passionate thing.

    Drowning in fire
    This honest liar
    Sinking while floating
    Fawning while gloating
    Boss and slave
    Cowardly brave
    Reject and crave
    Can he save

    Master of roles
    Escaping the droll
    Mistaken and understood
    Mere flesh and blood

    Luxurious wealth
    Hiding with stealth
    From being himself
    What toll on his health?

    His aching heell?
    The reel.
    For ‘tis our applause
    Which makes him kneel
    At our altar.

    Many happy returns x

  4. TIN LIEN says
    07 August 09 at 2:32am

    Yeah, happy birthday to Jonathan and wishing you all of happy years in your life…

  5. grazy says
    14 August 09 at 9:16am

    amore mioooooooo ti amo da morireeeeeeeeee auguri x il tuo compleannooo 6 troppo porcoooo!!!!! da italy!!!! with loveee !!! i love you !!!

  6. Joyce Hawes says
    14 August 09 at 5:30pm

    I’m just saying A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN. I hope I’m not too late.

  7. Ellen says
    19 August 09 at 9:31am

    Hi Jonny from Texas,
    You are one of my very favorite actors. Your work really moves me. Can not wait till Tudors season 4 airs. I wish you a late happy birhday. I love you films you sing in as well “Velvet Goldmine’, “August Rush” and play the cd.s. Please make more music oriented films, you have a fantastic voice. Your “Elvis” was the best rendition I have ever seen, and I am a picky Elvis fan!!

  8. 19 August 09 at 11:18pm

    happy birthday :)
    goodluck on your career.
    best wishes, more birthdays to come!
    take care!

  9. JUDITH says
    21 August 09 at 7:15am

    Hey jonny, just want to say you lite up my life with your good looks and sexy tone. don’t get me wrong, I’m old enough to be your younger aunt. but I would like to meet you just to get to give you a little pointers. I feel very protective of you like my own kids. I wish you all the love,luck happiness,and health in the world gby

  10. Mary M. says
    22 August 09 at 6:26pm

    Happy birthday.

  11. Hellen says
    23 August 09 at 3:02pm

    Sorry I missed wishing yoou all the best for your birthday Jonny All my love to you, hope you had a great day Love the new series of the Tudors your sooo sexy in this one and all the rest well yur just god damm sexy altogether Love YOU xxxxxxxx

  12. Natalia says
    23 August 09 at 3:27pm

    happy birthday.

  13. Natalia says
    23 August 09 at 3:29pm

    Muchas felicidades en el dia de tu cumpleaños. Cuidate mucho. Saludos y Abrazos, desde Madrid ( España ) happy birthday

  14. Amber says
    23 August 09 at 8:26pm

    love u

    from Taiwan

  15. Alex says
    24 August 09 at 12:25pm

    Oh I am a little bit too late =0(
    but I wish you happy birthday from germany =0)
    and good luck for the future

    XXX Alex

  16. Arya says
    25 August 09 at 5:17pm

    Happy Birthday!!! (Sorry I’m Late!)
    You were GREAT on August Rush.

  17. Meri Ellen Malone says
    27 August 09 at 10:37pm

    I did wish you a birthday shout out before your birthday. I celebrated mine in Cuba. So I hope you had a great one. I know I did. Happy Belated my fellow LEO..Rawrrr lol take care hun..

  18. sahema says
    30 August 09 at 8:46am

    tudors is the best drama i have ever seen. its so powerful. JRM is the best actor. he is so talented.

  19. Lauren says
    02 September 09 at 8:54pm

    ps. this sounds kinda freaky but my birthday is july 27th too! 7/27 is the best date to have a birthday ever

    isnt 7 a lucky number…? i dont know, for me it is

  20. Sarah says
    04 September 09 at 8:09pm

    Happy B day J. Hope you had a jolly good time. The new season…smashing!

  21. Ricky says
    21 September 09 at 5:54pm

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  22. Jeannette says
    26 September 09 at 12:29pm

    Ah…I missed your birthday-shame on me. What a bad fan I am. Happy Belated-very belated, but heartfelt all the same.

    I wish you all the best and many more wonderful years.

  23. Max says
    03 October 09 at 3:05pm

    hope you had a great birthday ^_^

  24. Helen says
    27 October 09 at 10:06am

    Happy Belated Birthday. You are one of the best actors I’ve seen in a long time. Cant wait to see From Paris With Love.

  25. Rob says
    08 December 09 at 7:48am


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