Happy Birthday Jonathan


Join the JRMfansite in sending well wishes and love to Jonathan on his birthday!

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers


  1. Shella says
    28 July 09 at 10:56am

    “Happy 32nd Birthday” – I dont usually do this, ( Im 29 and it feels a little adolescent like) but I thought I would send you my best wishes and prayers and may your 32nd year upon this planet, bring you true happiness, more success and a real sense of fullfilment. We all have our ups and downs but it’s the will to never give up which cuts us above the rest – Enjoy. Love Shella.

  2. Julia says
    28 July 09 at 11:08am

    I wish you the best in this day. I love you so much!!!!
    Lots of kisses from Barcelona

  3. Kimberley says
    28 July 09 at 11:11am

    Hope you had a lovely Birthday!

    Kimberley, Holland

  4. nidia cristina says
    28 July 09 at 7:31pm


  5. Frances aka FMFJRMGRL says
    28 July 09 at 8:12pm

    Just wanted to send You Birthday Kisses Jonny!!! Love you!!
    You are are no mere mortal your an angel in my eyes!
    Keep on hanging on. Be brave! Love all that you do.
    love n kisses n hugs,

  6. tere says
    29 July 09 at 6:12am

    feliz dia j pensa que si tenes un buen recuerdo, leiste algo que te agrado o tuviste una palabra de paz la vida no es tan mala como para ahogarla en alcohol no dije facil!!!reponete

  7. Corinna says
    29 July 09 at 9:27am

    ….kisses from Germany.. <3 ..and take care, Jonathan..



  8. Janice says
    29 July 09 at 1:23pm

    Happy Birthday Jonathan,
    You are a wonderful actor! I wish for you great family, friends, and love. Each birthday is a treasure. Life goes so fast, remember to never put off what you want for a perfect time, there is no such thing. Seize the day!!! With love, Janice:)

  9. Karla says
    29 July 09 at 3:30pm

    H a p p y B i r t h d a y J o n a t h a n ! ! !

    Hope you had a great one!!! All Best wishes to you.


  10. Nutnutnana says
    29 July 09 at 4:23pm

    Happy Birthday Jonathan,
    You’re a very talented young actor. I loved you in August Rush and now The Tudors. I wish you a long and happy life so you can continue to bring us many more wonderful productions.

  11. YOHA says
    29 July 09 at 5:45pm

    happy birthday to you jonathan! you are a great actor but you must know that it already! the best thing of best in this day and all your life best desires! kisses from Argentina!!!!! (it returns soon) =D


  12. Theresa says
    29 July 09 at 8:18pm

    Happy Belated Birthday Johnny! I wish you the best in all that you do. You are so passonate in the roles that you play. I cannot think of another actor which projects that kind of energy on screen. I wish you the best in your personal life and pray that it all works out. I hope to see you on screen for years to come. Take care and best wishes from Miami, Florida

  13. rifleman_s says
    30 July 09 at 12:46am

    Many happy (and sorry they’re belated) Birthday wishes, Jonathan!!

    Hope it was a good one . . .

  14. mayra says
    30 July 09 at 4:23pm

    i love you, you re amazing, you are the best actor for me, and i wish you all the best, happy birthday, i admire you and really im in love whit you , congratulations

  15. Daniela says
    31 July 09 at 1:31am

    All the best I send you from Romania. I adore watching your movies.

  16. Alexandra says
    31 July 09 at 4:26am

    hope you had a very happy birthday, although it don’t mean much, since u were born to be the best… and you are! so every day be for you as you wish it to be. be happy as you please.

    love you very much, always

  17. Maria Cannons says
    31 July 09 at 5:07am

    Hi Happy to you Jonathan”!!! I love your films and the tutdors! sorry bout the late happy birthday! I hope u love doing what ya doing”! Keep at it your still so hot and young!! You are too perfect!!!
    Much Love

  18. ALAIDE says
    31 July 09 at 5:50am

    Thanks to make this date special to me too.
    I love you. Kisses with love.

  19. Mary says
    31 July 09 at 9:02am

    happy birthday Johnny!!! <3
    xoxo from germany

  20. JRMsgirl says
    31 July 09 at 2:01pm

    Happy Belated 32nd birthday my precious Irish treasure. My ancestors are Irish (great grandfather) but I am still Celtic, Scots. I see as much of your work as I can and I am loving all of it except altho enjoyed my least favorite is Titus. Steerpike, you were perfect for, loved it, I b elieve my long time hero Sting owns the rights to Mervyn Peake’s b ook so maybe you met Sting? (gorgeous but His Crown Your Majesty may be taken off him lol) I read all the Steerpike books a bit too heavy going for me, prefer lighter stuff like J.R.R. Tolkein but you reallly brought Steerpike to life! I also admire how not only acting but your amazing accent in The Tudors, brilliant! Take care in your personal life, challenge your demons, dont let them conquer you, you are too precious a jewel. I have never heard your I am sure is charming Irish brogue. I pray for you every day. love May xox

  21. mary says
    01 August 09 at 7:00am

    a late greeting from China – happy birthday, Johnny! and happy every day in your life!

  22. deena says
    02 August 09 at 12:16am

    be a great man 4 all people in this world

  23. Jennifer Bishop says
    02 August 09 at 1:41pm

    Happy late bday doll love ya

  24. Jennifer says
    02 August 09 at 5:01pm


    I hope you had a wonderful birthday and continue to celebrate your happiness and your many amazing achievements all year long!!! May you and yours continue to be happy, healthy, and prosperous!!!

    Much Love xoxo


    P.S. – You’re gorgeous! Stay sexy!

  25. Becca says
    05 August 09 at 11:36pm

    Happy [belated] birthday Jonathan!
    You are my favorite actor and The Tudors is my favorite show. Anne Boleyn’s motto was “The Most Happy” and I wish for you to be the embodyment of that. May you have even more future success and happiness, and I hope you had a great birthday. :]
    Long live King Henry!

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