Plates for Parkinson’s Update

Bright spot of news to share… Jonathan’s plate that he designed and signed to raise money the Parkinson Society Maritime Region ended up getting the highest bid over such celebs as Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. with a winning bid of $1,717.96! A big fan of Jonathan won the plate and had a special story to share regarding it.

The Parkinson Society posted a lovely story about the winner of Jonathan’s plate:

Plates for Parkinson’s Update

The 3rd annual Plates for Parkinson’s campaign raised almost $12,000 for support services, education and research in 2009. Thank you to celebrity participants, buyers and bidders. Also thank you to our sponsors, Maritime Paper Products Ltd. and World Financial Group.

Some of the highest grossing plates were Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., Nickelback, Chris Daughtry, Muhammad Ali, Alanis Morissette, Paul Gross, Kevin Sorbo and Sydney Crosby. However, it was a plate by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays King Henry VIII in the hit show “The Tudors,” that fetched this year’s highest bid, an incredible $1,714.96!

Fortunately, we had the privilege of meeting the buyer, who is without-a-doubt, Jonathan’s number one fan! Jonas Cosh, pictured above, stopped by our office with his mother and father to claim his plate, and we are so happy we got a chance to meet him!

Jonas contacted us in February after reading about Jonathan’s plate in the Plates for Parkinson’s article featured in Our Canada magazine. A huge fan of Jonathan’s acting, especially his performances as Elvis Presley and as King Henry VIII, Jonas also admires Jonathan for the many charities he supports.

After reading the article, Jonas and his grandfather decided he needed to win Jonathan’s plate!

Unfortunately, before the auction ended, his grandfather passed away. Jonas told us that now more than ever, this plate holds a very special place in his heart.

The Parkinson Society Maritime Region would like to thank Jonas and everyone else who helped make Plates for Parkinson’s 2009 a success!

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  1. Zayna says
    26 June 09 at 6:10am

    Congratulations to Jonathan and to the young man who won the bidding. The story that goes along with it is very touching and I hope Jonathan has heard it, I’m sure it would make him feel honoured.

  2. Sylvie says
    06 July 09 at 12:01am

    Jonny is an Angel!!!!!
    Jonny can you hear me????
    WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care and God bless you always.


  3. Julia says
    06 July 09 at 5:44am

    Congratulations! Happy many returns of the day! Good luck!

  4. Debbie says
    08 July 09 at 8:51am

    How very touching! I’m so pleased this young man was able to win the plate. A very special connection, with lots of memories.

  5. Ladyy? says
    12 July 09 at 3:11pm

    Hello:) i´m a colombian girl and my english is not perfect:
    Apoyo en este momento a mi actor favortio Jonathan Rhys Myers,el es una persona grandiosa y quien sabe por que habra sucedido este incidente,le demuestro todo mi apoyo y que se pueda superar este momento tan dificil:)



  6. Jonas Cosh says
    17 September 09 at 5:10pm

    My name is Jonas Cosh and I was the lucky winner of Jonathan’s Plate for Parkinson’s. I wanted to write to you for a long time to give my heartfelt thanks for posting the story about my win of the plate. As you know from the article posted by the Parkinson’s Societ0y itself the plate holds special memories for me because it was something very special that my grandfather had helped me purchase before he passed away. In fact it was the last thing he helped me purchase before he died. There is also another reason why Jonathan’s plate is so important to me which I would like to share with you. I am a 26 year old man with mild Cerebral Palsy a condition similar to Parkinson’s. Jonathan’s plate gives me hope that if they find a cure for Parkinson’s that they will also find a cure for Cerebral Palsy as well because the two conditions are very similar in nature. Jonathan’s plate is the most powerful symbol I have that there will be an end and a cure found for Cerebral Palsy as well with the support Jonathan has shown with his plate. I have said to many of my friends that being a fan of Jonathan”s is almost like a cure for my Cerebral Palsy because his performances are so amazing that he helps me forget I have Cerebral Palsy while I am watching one of his films. I wanted to share that with you because winning Jonathan’s was the best experiences of my life ! He has given me so much hope because of his plate ! That is why I truly admire him !! Thank you for posting my story it meant so much !! Thank you to everyone has posted such remarkable comments This is truly an experience I will never forget !

    Thanks again everyone for the remarkable Comments They meant so much !

    Thanks everyone for for your support and interest in my story !

    Jonas Cosh

    Thank you Jonathan You are truly an amazing and wonderful man !

    Thank you for the wonderful plate of hope!

  7. Alyse says
    22 September 09 at 10:21am

    Thank you so much Jonas for sharing your story here as well. It’s wonderful that you won this special plate and it’s lovely to hear how much Jonathan has helped you in your life. You’re to be admired!

  8. julieann says
    12 August 11 at 2:02pm

    Well done Jonas, your story is inspirational, and i am very sure if you were to meet Jonny he would be very proud to have such a great fan of his! best wishes

  9. Anne says
    10 May 12 at 1:53pm

    Thanks for posting Jonas’ story and informing us about Jonathan’s work for Parkinson research. Jonas’s devotion and Jonathan’s work are a great example of how healing and nourishing positive feelings for a person and
    his willing to support others can be.
    Thank you Jonas for sharing your story and all the best to you in every possible respect.
    Thank you Jonathan for supporting Parkinson and giving so much to other through your art and activities. All the best for you personally and for your career. Anne

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