Unfortunate news to report

Many news and gossip sites have been picking up some troubling news from this past weekend. It’s important to note that none of these reports have been confirmed yet and there’s been no comment from Jonathan or his management about this matter. The following is a report from People:

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Held After Airport Brawl
By Peter Mikelbank
Originally posted Wednesday June 24, 2009 12:45 PM EDT

Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was detained by French police on Saturday afternoon following an incident in which he allegedly assaulted an airport lounge employee while drunk, Agence France Presse reports.

The Irish actor, 31, was placed in custody for several hours for having a skirmish with bar employees and allegedly punching one at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, according to reports.

The incident began when a bartender at the café area “Le Quotidien” in the departure area of the airport at terminal 2F refused to serve the actor, who appeared drunk, according to the news service. A shouting match developed between Rhys Meyers and the bar manager. Then when another bar employee tried to separate the pair, Rhys Meyers swung and punched the intervening waiter.

Police handcuffed the actor when placing him in custody, and sources tell PEOPLE that the actor remained in a sober lock-up area for three hours before being released.

The AFP reports that Rhys Meyers has been told to appear before the Correctional Tribunal in Bobigny in September to answer charges concerning, “voluntary violence, contempt, issuing death threats and assault,” according to a judicial source.

The Tudors actor was previously arrested for public intoxication in November 2007 at the Dublin airport. In April of the same year he spent time in a rehab facility for treatment.

A rep for Rhys Meyers had no comment.

I know that Jonathan has amazing and supportive fans from around the world. Please join me in wishing him and his family the very best during this difficult situation and that he continues to get help as he deals with his personal demons.

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  1. Noel says
    25 July 09 at 2:48pm

    I really like Jonathan as a performer. Great actor, great beauty but his actions in this matter were completely unacceptable. whatever issues he’s struggling with is not an excuse for that type of behavior. Drinking until you are visibly inebriated to the point of having service refused–is irresponsible by any measure. Beyond that, if the reports are completely true, he assaulted someone! For gawd’s sake, I wouldn’t accept that from my neighbor or some random person on the street, why would I accept that from one of my favorite actors?

  2. Jan says
    28 July 09 at 9:24am

    Get the help you need..and get it now…You are young…and old enough to know better…This is a MOM you are dealing with…My kid is in the Marine Corp..and when mom talks…HE LISTENS……

  3. Lori says
    06 August 09 at 9:58am

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue your journey. Remember, the choices we make have good and bad consequences. Empower yourself with the skills you need to handle the situations that trigger your behaviors. I offer my assistance at any time you are in need.
    Lori – New York

  4. Susan says
    14 August 09 at 8:21pm

    You are a great actor! I agree with the other fan that you should deidicate your sobriety to you mom. You are so talented. Don’t let people bring you down. I would go see any movie you make. You draw people in with your incredible eyes. I look forward to Season 4 of the Tudors. You actually brought me out of depression with your acting on the Tudors. You don’t realize how you draw people in. I am so disappointed you don’t get nominated for best actor. I can’t see anyone who can touch your acting. I will pray for you. Find a nice girl and have a few kids. You will find peace and love with a family.

  5. Barbara says
    21 August 09 at 6:08pm

    Hi jonathan please get help.my mom died in 1989 she was only 54 years old.i went crazey my heart was broken.please know i support you in anything you do.but please get help. Love Barbara

  6. Marsha from Texas says
    22 August 09 at 4:14pm

    You must know that the only way that you will ever be granted a daily reprieve from your obsession with alcohol is through a direct connection between you and the God of your understanding. I pray this same thing for myself everyday. Trust and give it to God and let go. Everything will be ok in then end because youre not in control anymore, God is.
    I love your work and you are a very enticing and beautiful person. I will pray for you as well as your family and friends.

  7. Ellen says
    25 August 09 at 9:11am

    Dear Jonny,
    As a fan of your great work I am worried about you. I wish you would back off working so hard if it is making you ill. SO many great performers have died young, PLEASE do not let this happen to you! Your reality is in your control. It does not matter what anyone else thinks, only your own thoughts to yourself.
    A man I admire so much is David Bowie, who went away out of the spot light for a time and saved his life. He now has a fantastic life. His fans have him around still!

  8. Arya says
    25 August 09 at 5:24pm

    My God be with you in this troubling time. Remember, music can help in times like this. Just open your heart and listen…..

  9. Helen says
    31 August 09 at 11:49am

    I hope Jonathan that you can manage to beat this addiction, it wont be easy but all your fans are behind you! We all love you and hate seeing you in these kind of situations! Your such a talented actor and would hate to see you throw it all away and then we wont get to see your wonderful acting anymore which would be such as shame. Hopefully if this report is true you can learn from it and do your best to overcome it. I look forward to the next season of the tudors in the UK and both of your new films, please dont make them your last! If things are getting hectic take a break, im sure you will have earned it. I love you and your acting, like I said your true fans will stay loyal to you in times like these!

  10. Joanne says
    03 September 09 at 4:28am

    I’m always on your side no matter what anyone says :)

  11. Ashley says
    06 September 09 at 4:34pm

    Looking so forward to Season 4 of the Tudors. My mom let me watch Season1 on DVC and I was hooked. I showed to a couple of my friends one night and they were blown away by JRM. I bought Season 2 for my mom who is the biggest JRM fan. It is so hard to look away when you are on the screen. You have a new fan base in Ohio. Good luck with your life and be good to yourself. You are so talented and I can’t wait to see some of your movies. God Bless.

  12. stefania says
    27 July 11 at 10:20am

    I wish you all the best
    happy birthday Jonathan

  13. 16 November 11 at 1:32pm

    […] unfortunate incident for Jonathan in June 2009 has finally been settled by the courts in Paris today. In an attempt to […]

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