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Project updates:

According to Coming Soon, MGM has announced the official cast for Mandrake the Magician. Jonathan is no longer involved in the project. Jonathan was originally set for the main role, but the role has now gone to Hayden Christensen with a new director.

Additionally, because of scheduling conflicts (the last season of The Tudors starts filming next month) and delays with the production starting, Jonathan is no longer involved in the Mary, Mother of Christ project anymore.

Sources: First Showing, Coming Soon

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  1. winnie says
    21 May 09 at 12:22am

    I just read that Hayden Christensen is not doing Mandrake. Maybe they will wait for Jonny to be available.

  2. Zayna says
    21 May 09 at 6:09am

    Well that’s a bummer! I was really keen on seeing Mary, Mother of Christ…sounded fascinating…especially with Jonathan as both Gabriel and Lucifer.

  3. A L says
    21 May 09 at 8:50am

    Just saw that MTV posted an article about this and said Hayden Christensen’s management denies his involvement in the “Mandrake” film. I wonder which is accurate?

  4. sue says
    21 May 09 at 10:58am

    that is dissappointing but as long as jonathon is ok thats all that matters. i am so looking forward to the tudors tho i really enjoy them so much. i hope other projects turn up for him when he has an easier schedule.

  5. haron says
    25 May 09 at 1:11am

    I can not believe it!!!!!

  6. sue says
    26 May 09 at 6:06am

    i really wanted him to to do Mary mother of Christ too……… sounds a great storyline and to see him play duel roles would have been a bonus.

  7. Noel says
    27 May 09 at 6:03pm

    I’m kind of relieved, now that I’ve learned more about the Mandrake film.

  8. Sylvie says
    30 May 09 at 5:30pm

    1. Who cares. JONNY IS THE KING :)))).

    2. My dear Jonny, do you hear me???
    So PLEASE listen my sweet & wonderful Irish Charmer:
    You are absolute too good, too nice, too sweet, too vulnerable and too kind and *innocent* ;)) to play Lucifer!!!!
    You are a GOD. Please play only *J*E*S*U*S*, that’s the character role you deserves.

    Love in devotion,

  9. sofia says
    10 June 09 at 3:46pm

    how that can be possible?!
    they can’t take out joanthan out of a film jiust like that!
    he deserved those rols…he’s an excellent actor…
    but if he is ok with that, it is fine for me too!

  10. Kate says
    25 June 09 at 8:57am

    Well. I had hoped to see him in Mary, Mother of Christ. I still can’t think of a better actor for the role. Jonathan is talented to no end.

  11. Rachel says
    27 July 09 at 2:23pm

    I was wondering…from what source did you actually hear that Jonny was no longer involved in Mary Mother of Christ? He’s still included on the imdb cast list, whereas he’s been removed from the Mandrake page. Also I read an article published in the last few days saying that MMOC will actually begin filming in September, and it still listed Jonathan as playing Lucifer/Gabriel. Maybe they got it wrong but I was just wondering, did anyone actually hear anything conclusive and official saying that Jonathan was no longer a part of it? Because otherwise we may have spoken too soon (I hope so, because I’d love to see him in this role!)

  12. Alyse says
    27 July 09 at 2:27pm

    The news came from a verified source. At the time, filming would have conflicted with the final season of The Tudors. Now filming has been delayed again. As of now, we still don’t have any word if this is for sure back on and that Jonathan can fit this into his Tudors shooting schedule. I certainly hope that Jonathan can still be part of this! He would be a marvel in such roles!

  13. Susan says
    19 August 09 at 9:04pm

    Can’t see it! Jonny you are the best! They must be crazy to drop you. I bet you’ll get better roles and just blow them away. God Bless and take care.

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