Plate for Parkinson’s

Jonathan's Plate for Parkinson’s

Jonathan has designed and signed a special plate that is currently being auctioned on Ebay in support of the Parkinson Society Maritime Region.

Proceeds from the sale of this plate and other celebrity plates, benefits the Parkinson Society Maritime Region’s efforts to fund research, support services and education about this disease.

There are still 7 days left to bid on Jonathan’s plate.

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  1. haron says
    18 May 09 at 9:02am

    Hi~Jonny ‘s design looks good,what is the picture mean?
    That is a good thing,I will give my support to this ,in my heart.

    BTW,Jonny ‘s sign Signiture very beautifull.

  2. Margot says
    19 May 09 at 5:41am

    Very original plate! I’ve never seen anything like this!

  3. Sylvie XX says
    21 May 09 at 1:26pm

    I love JRM’s *dancing tulips*.
    The tulip on the right is the lady.
    The tulip on the left is the *gentleman* ;))
    Oh, that man is a little undecided… ??
    I LOVE JONNY’s artistic plate.
    WONDERFUL. Tells me a bittersweet story.
    Thank you Jonny!!!!!
    Love in devotion

  4. Kerry says
    23 May 09 at 12:38pm

    On a plate?

    One white circle
    Simple, round.
    One man’s choices
    Complex? Profound?

    Two flowers
    Fragile. Petals unfurled.
    Is this our glimpse
    Into his world?

    Scarlet faces
    Sheathed in green
    distant places
    Route(/root) unseen.

    Four black hearts
    Divide these two
    Hurting starts
    Mourning due (/morning dew).

    Clear heads, strong stems
    Stand above
    Stronger roots
    Secured by love.


  5. Annette says
    25 May 09 at 7:03am

    The final bid for Jonny’s plate was $1524.00, he was right up there with Johnny Depp.

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