Tudors 4th Season

From Entertainment Weekly:

‘The Tudors': Showtime renews drama for a fourth season
Apr 13, 2009, 03:39 PM | by Jeremy Medina

Fresh off of passing on a number of buzzworthy prospective pilots (including a spinoff of The L Word and a pilot written and directed by Tim Robbins), Showtime has announced it will renew historical drama series The Tudors for a fourth and final season, according to Variety. The 10-episode season will debut in the spring of 2010. Series creator and executive producer Michael Hirst will also be back to write each episode, which will conclude the saga of King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) and chronicle his final two marriages and subsequent mental instability. The Tudors is one of the network’s top-rated series, with the third season’s April 5 premiere netting a cumulative total of 1.3 million viewers.

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  1. sue says
    18 April 09 at 8:11am

    this is great news. jonathon has made this role his own. he has been fantastic so im really looking forward to it . luv sue xx

  2. greg garno says
    18 April 09 at 3:13pm

    why end the series at 4? what about princess Mary and Elizabeth? The Tudors dynasty lasted til 1603.

  3. Zayna says
    20 April 09 at 5:40am


  4. Trishanda says
    20 April 09 at 8:48pm

    WooHoo!!! I was hoping he would get a chance to explore not being such a pretty boy. In my opinion he blossoms best in a more difficult, gritty role as displayed in some of his characters.

  5. Racheal says
    05 May 09 at 6:07am

    Fantastic! However, the series should continue there’s lots of drama to make into new seasons. what about Edward, Lady Jane Grey, Bloody Mary, and Elizabeth?!

  6. samantha says
    08 August 09 at 1:39pm

    whoop whoop!!!! x x x

  7. amber_fu says
    18 August 09 at 9:40am

    u r great.
    love from Taiwan

  8. vicky says
    26 September 09 at 2:39pm

    i absolutaly have fallen in love with this man long live the king xxxxx

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