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Jonathan appeared on “The View” Tuesday, but unfortunately pulled out of his other two scheduled appearances:

Sick Rhys Meyers Pulls The Plug On U.S. TV Appearances

Illness has forced Jonathan Rhys Meyers to cancel a New York publicity campaign for the new season of his hit TV period drama, “The Tudors.”

After appearances on a handful of TV shows, Rhys Meyers disappeared from the airwaves and skipped booked spots on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and the “Martha Stewart” show on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

The star’s spokeswoman, Meredith O’Sullivan, insists a bout of illness is to blame for his no-shows.

She tells WENN, “After Jonathan completed two full press days in New York, he came down with something and we had to pull him from his remaining press.”

Rhys Meyers spent time in rehab in 2007 to treat alcohol abuse and Hollywood gossips claim he returned in February for another stint. His publicist insists his current illness has nothing to do with his past drinking problems.

Source: SF Gate

Wishing Jonathan well during this time!

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  1. Roberta says
    02 April 09 at 7:01pm

    Dear Jonny,
    I may just be speaking to the wind and you probably will never see this, but I’ll take a chance. I want you to know there is an enormous amount of people who care and love you and sincerely hope you become rested and strong with that incredible energy you are known to have. It saddens my heart not to see that sparkle in your eyes. Please take care and God Bless you always.

  2. tangledfan says
    02 April 09 at 8:31pm

    aww, nice people shouldn’t feel bad Jonathan, hope you’ll feel better soon! Also hoping that you and your family enjoy your time together in the United States.

  3. Alicia says
    02 April 09 at 9:21pm

    Must it be brought up that he just return from rehab? At least he sought help.

  4. Karla says
    03 April 09 at 2:53am

    Get Well Soon Jonathan!

  5. Maria says
    03 April 09 at 5:24am

    Sad to hear Jonathan is not well again. I wish him all the best. May God bless him and assist him throughout his life. I’m close to him with all my heart and my prayers.

  6. Sylvie X says
    03 April 09 at 6:28am

    Hello Jonny, please don’t worry. We love you!!! Get well soon. Take your time. You are a smart human being with a wonderful character and very warm heart and you need a rest. You have too much stress and pressure. Don’t have fear. You are strong enough. Believe me, the time will come that you can smile and work again. You are always “my king”.
    XOXO Sylvie

  7. Zayna says
    03 April 09 at 6:33am

    Well, whatever his reasons for canceling these appearances, in the end it’s him who ends up hurt because next time he needs to do a press tour people will be more reluctant to book him.

    I just hope he’s okay.

  8. Helen says
    03 April 09 at 7:43am

    Make well soon!

    Ely from Romania

  9. Suzanne says
    03 April 09 at 8:12am

    I bet he is sick. I know that what he is going through mentally and physically with his addiction is horrible. He also probably doesn’t have any true friends that can stand beside him and see him through. I know a lot of celebs (reg. people too) drink a lot at parties and do other bad things. Kind of makes it hard to stay away from it all and get your life back together. I am sure his “close” friends are not around him in the states supporting him. His other so called “friends” probably do more harm than good. It is a tough, hard road and I hope he makes it to the end. He has such talent it is a shame to throw it away. Their are other ways to have a good time. He just needs friends that will actually help him see that and be there through the good times and bad. Life for me right now is tough and I wish I had the guts to talk to my close friends because I know I could get through my issues if I had that help. If he feels anything like I do, you’re angry with yourself and very depressed. The song he sang in August Rush hits home for me, “Something Inside.” I put the top down on my mustang and sit in the dark looking at the stars listening to this song, among others. Not sure it will help me though. I wish him all the luck in finding his way as I search for my way too.

  10. 03 April 09 at 12:52pm

    hey johnathan i hope you feel better you are a very hansome man i love you and henry cavill very much i have tudors 1&2 and ilove them.get better johnathan love tania

  11. Priscyla says
    05 April 09 at 10:36pm


  12. lydia says
    05 April 09 at 11:23pm

    hi jrmfans…. i have a question. is it really true that jonny canceled the 4. season of the tudors? i heard it from an irish friend . it would be terrible…. he is the heart of this show….and now i wish him all the best and much health. he is the best!!!!!! jonny—your fans are yearning for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kisses from germany….

  13. ester says
    06 April 09 at 12:42pm

    A comment about the premiere party held in NYC last Monday– when JRM was being interviewed, you could see a whole table covered with glasses of champagne and people around him drinking. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for JRM to be near alcohol all evening (not only seeing it but smelling it) especially since he just left rehab. He might be taking an anti-alcohol med which causes a violent physical reaction such as vomiting and nausea when the person drinks. Also, any meds that may have been prescribed in rehab to stabilize his condition may still be causing side effects– these meds can be powerful and sometimes the dose needs adjusting. I hope that he has a good support system post-inpatient treatment and that his recovery is an everyday concern for everyone around him. JRM– blessings to you always.

  14. Alma says
    06 April 09 at 7:43pm

    What it’s all about, Alfie? Life is tough enough. I wish the media would leave people alone. For God’s sakes just get better whatever it is :) :)

  15. chrisi prince says
    06 April 09 at 8:39pm

    hey Jonny…just 2 let u know that all us fans love and respect u immensely…u rock our world and give us something to look forward to.. so please, try to find some salvation and inner-peace…WE NEED U baby!! love always from ur peasant girlxoxo

  16. Jules says
    08 April 09 at 5:04am

    My beloved Jonny,

    I’m very very sorry about you!!! Pleeease, Get well very soon… I need you… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Sylvie X says
    09 April 09 at 12:44am

    Jonny is the BEST, forget the rest ;).
    God bless him always.

  18. lydia says
    10 April 09 at 1:43pm

    hi fans… jonny seems to feel better. i jave found some new images from him playing basketball . here is the link
    i hope you enjoy it. it makes me very happy to see him feeling well. jonny i love you….

  19. Alexandra says
    13 April 09 at 10:05am

    You are what you are. So fight for what you are.

    And get well soon. Not too many precious people in this world.

    You are my eternal love. No one else will take your place.

  20. Theresa says
    15 April 09 at 8:43am

    Jonny is going to be greatly missed when The Tudors ends it season next year. Jonny you are a beatiful man and awesome actor. Hope to see you on the big screen more and more…

  21. sue says
    16 April 09 at 12:56pm

    Hope you are feeling better . take care luv sue xx

  22. 16 April 09 at 4:03pm

    hey john i hope you feel better ok love tania

  23. Kateryna Konstantynova says
    17 April 09 at 9:24am

    Hello everyone and Jonathan (if you ever do read these messages/ no offense to site organisers as I think it is gr8!!!) To everyone,
    this is a good opportunity to express opinions about Jonathan’s fantastic performances in many films and TV series, as much of the time people are so busy with life and chores it brings every day there is barely a moment for anything else, like great actors of our time and great films
    (THE TUDORS!!!!!!!!!!)
    To Jonathan,
    Sad to hear that you are unwell and sincerely hope you are well soon. Acting can be a great burden as well as enormous satisfaction. I have been very glad to watch the full two seasons of the TUDORS!!!!! As a primary school teacher we have to encourage our children to think of monarchs and historical persons as real people and ,of all , this is the first time I imagined Henry VIII in this way. I think he is truly YOUR OWN. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope this is not the last impersonation of important historical and not characters in your career. This as other of your movies and TV series is a great success.

  24. Jeannette says
    13 May 09 at 7:37am

    JRM is one of the most talented and versatile actors in the world today. I have enjoyed literally everthing I have seen him in. I don’t care if he has an addiction issue, many people do.
    However, I read recently that he denied going to rehab. Whether he did or did not I certainly wish him well. It is really unfair that he must be stalked by the pap all the time, I am sure never having any privacy is stressful in itself. I do not put celebrities up on a pedestal nor have I ever purchased any of those dreadful rag mags that pretend to be journalism. I simply appreciate celebrities such as JRM for their craft and their ability to allow me to escape from my life for a couple of hrs as I watch them on screen. I hope that whatever the issue is, he is allowed to disappear for a bit and gather his strength so that we may continue to follow his growing career. He has many years and great roles yet to come.
    All the best and take care of yourself JRM!

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