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Another appearance is scheduled next week for Jonathan. He’ll be on the Martha Stewart Show, making an Easter dinner. Updated TV schedule below:

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  1. Zayna says
    28 March 09 at 10:27am

    You mean he can cook too? I didn’t think there was anything that could make me more of a fan of this man…and what do you know, there you have it.


  2. Sylvie X says
    28 March 09 at 1:38pm

    “Details show that he is suppose to be helping Martha make Easter dinner”. Lol. Lol. :))) I can’t believe that… Hilarious!!!
    I shiver with anticipation to watch it here or on YouTube…
    Our sweet Jonny in a kitchen with a white apron. He is sooo cute. He is the best – forget the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love love love Jonny!!!!!! Very good news – thank you.

  3. somersault says
    29 March 09 at 12:25pm

    I wish I would live in the US …F#@%**

    ..wish you good luck anyway, jonathan!!


  4. Zayna says
    31 March 09 at 10:25am

    Saw Jonathan on the View this morning. It was a good interview with a really good clip of Henry telling off Cromwell. Also Jonathan and Joy had a really good giggle about something Joy “almost” said…it was pretty funny.

  5. lin, yu-fen says
    01 April 09 at 10:25am

    I saw the Jonny’s interview of The View from YouTube.
    And i have a problem to understand their talking during the interview, because i am not native English speaker. Thus, it’s difficult for me to know what’s funny and what’s going on.
    sometime, it’s just too faster to hear what they are talking.
    Fortunately, i read the news about that Jonny talk about movie co-star JOHN TRAVOLTA. However, i didn’t catch the content of all interview. And i hope someone could write down Jonny’s interview for me, i will very grateful.

  6. somersault says
    01 April 09 at 2:11pm

    …and by the way:

    JONATHAN is on the COVER of the German spring/summer issue of MEN’S HEALTH: BEST FASHION.. !

    log on to: …there you can see him on the cover immitately :-) ..and in the interview, he’s talking about Hugo Element and his favourite music and playing music… there are two other pictures of Jonathan in the magazine, as well.. by photographer Morgan White (?)

    greetings from GER

    02 April 09 at 7:46am

    wanted to be sure to see JRM on Martha Stewart and I did not see him listed in the newspaper

    02 April 09 at 8:36am


  9. Alyse says
    02 April 09 at 4:08pm

    Unfortunately he had to cancel his appearance on the Martha Stewart and Jimmy Fallon shows.

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