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Jonathan didn’t win at this year’s Irish Film and TV Awards in his category. He also didn’t attend the ceremony. From the Herald comes word that he was unable to attend due to personal reasons. He also didn’t attend last night’s Oscar Wilde party in Los Angeles, where he received an honor from the US-Ireland Alliance.

Rhys Meyers no-show at IFTAs due to ‘family crisis’
MISSING: Tudors star not only big name absent from TV awards

By Melanie Finn
Monday February 16 2009

Troubled Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was forced to pull out of the IFTAs due to a “family crisis”, the Herald can exclusively reveal.

The Golden Globe winner was due to be the big celebrity draw at the glitzy bash at the reopened Burlington hotel.

However, it has now emerged that a critical family emergency led to the Cork-born actor pulling the plug on the appearance.

His co-star in the Tudors — which won six awards on Saturday — has leapt to defend the hunky actor for missing the night.

Speaking after bagging the gong for Best Actress in a TV Role, Maria Doyle Kennedy told the Herald his absence was due to personal reasons.

“He couldn’t be here because of a family thing. I can’t say any more about it but I know that he was gutted he couldn’t be here,” she said.

Source: Herald

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  1. lydia says
    21 February 09 at 7:02am

    i hope jonny feels good. there are some rumours that he was drunken several times and in the german “in touch” they wrote that he felt back in alcoholism. some friends of him told that he is wasted. i hope that these are only rumours. i pray for him. he is my angel on earth and i wish him all the best.

  2. Sylvie X says
    21 February 09 at 7:56am

    I hope wholeheartedly for Jonny that the reason not to attend was not a too serious family thing. I hope that JRM feels fine, happy and healthy. He needs a little rest IMO. Jonny take care of you and don’t burn out!!!! We love you!!!! And we need your movies!!!! Last night I watched “Ride with the Devil”. JRM was so soo soooo good!!! Listen, I saw this movie not for the first time ;-). I love JRM in his role. Jonny was and still is fantastic and the best movie actor ever!!
    Fondly Sylvie

  3. Zayna says
    22 February 09 at 3:25pm

    Well I hope it’s nothing as serious as is being stated and if it is, well then I wish Jonathan and his family all the best.

    Thanks Alyse for the update. :)

  4. shirley says
    23 February 09 at 3:33am

    i believe Jonathan is going though a stressful time recently, both personally and professionally. I think he wants to concentrate on his film work, but he is under pressure to do another couple of series of Tudors. He may feel that he is letting his country and irish tv crew down. I also think that he wants to be recongised for his acting talent, not just he good looks. I am a great fan, and i hope all of Jonathans fans stick with him during his troubled times. He has appeared very distance and lonely in recent pictures. I hope your great website will continue to support him. Local irish papers have turned against him since he said that he may not return to do Tudors. But it is his choice and he has he national career to think of. I know with your support and the support of his many fans he will recover from this setback. He has so many demons to fight, please do not abandon him. Thanks again for your fantastic website and your continuing support for this excellent hard working young man. Shirley

  5. Sylvie X says
    25 February 09 at 4:38pm

    I’m totally shocked to read that JRM is in Rehab again. Poor, poor sweet Jonny. He should not be so extremely critical with himself!! He is such a perfectionist and always too hard to himself. And I remember that Tom Cruise said to him in an interview (Mission Impossible III), that it is a self-discipline not do that. Dear Jonny, we all love you for that what you are and what you play for us. Don’t try so hard to be the very, very best. It’s unnecessary. We believe in you. You are a wonderful man and actor. Take care. Get better very, very soon. Don’t give up, because you have friends and fans all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cathy says
    26 February 09 at 9:45pm

    he’s in rehab again that’s why he couldn’t make it.
    poor johnny, i hope he gets better
    he’s one of the greatest actors i know

  7. jrm supefan says
    28 February 09 at 3:58pm

    he is in rehab again! GOD PLEASE HELP HIM!!!! jonny please take care. i wish i could be there for you…to help you and love you… please fait!!!! good luck jonny!!

  8. jrm supefan says
    10 March 09 at 12:31pm

    love u…miss u…jonny!

  9. julieta says
    11 March 09 at 3:20am

    I founded out that jonny is in rehab. I feel sorry for him..as a doctor in medicine like I’m, I see every day people like him…. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco can kill you from inside out…destroy your liver, stomach and of course brain cells and affects hearts too. I hope that he gets better soon, because he is a very good actor and I’m very fan of his acting.

  10. Eugenia says
    17 March 09 at 8:43pm

    Eres el mejor Jonny sigue adelante brindandonos tu talento y encanto. Quiero ver muchas mas películas tuyas.
    Te amo

  11. dbgirl says
    30 March 09 at 8:46am

    passion, not lust but passion for life is a burden. I believe what is so attractive about him is that passion. He is physically attractive, yes, but you can see more in his eyes than just blue. For him there is no escape from the scrutiny of people. I know nothing of the true person, but know intense people need escape- there is no where for him to escape except within himself, where he may work out the fighting demons in his head and find peace.
    Passion is admired, but a troubled path. Initally drawing people toward you, but eventually scaring them away with it’s severity. It is both a blessing and a curse.

    I wish him peace.

    02 April 09 at 8:17am

    I also think he is a marvelous actor but of late I have noticed that he seems to have lost something?
    At the Golden Globes he was not with Reena (spelling?) so I guess that has ended which is too bad they were so good together. I do wish him the best and I think he is wise not to do another Tudor – he got to get something that will “put him out there” like Christian Beal like Collen Farrell he is not getting those films and he should be that is what I am hoping for in the future for JRM

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