New project announced!

From Variety comes word of a new project for Jonathan in what sounds like a challenging and unusual role.

Belle set as ‘Mary, Mother of Christ’
Al Pacino in talks to play Herod in Aloe film


Aloe Entertainment has put together its New Testament ensemble for “Mary, Mother of Christ.”

Camilla Belle (“10,000 BC”) will star as the titular character and will be joined by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the dual roles of Gabriel and Lucifer and Peter O’Toole as Symeon.

Al Pacino and Jessica Lange are in talks to play Herod and Anna the Prophetess.

Mary Aloe is producing along with Dune Films (“Hidalgo,” “Prince of Persia”).

Argentine helmer Alejandro Agresti (“Valentin,” “The Lake House”) is directing the film, which begins lensing in Morocco in May.

MGM plans to release the film wide in 2,000-plus theaters April 2, 2010, which coincides with Good Friday. Media 8 Entertainment will handle international sales and distribution for the film and will introduce the project at the European Film Market in Berlin.

Mike Dolan is exec producing.

Sources: atteniger, Variety

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  1. Roberta says
    06 February 09 at 1:05pm

    I love when JRM plays in period films..this movie sounds like it will be absolutely perfect for him since he is at his best playing intense good and evil characters. I’ll be first in line to see this one!

  2. Sylvie X says
    06 February 09 at 1:39pm

    Fantastic. Gorgeous. I’m speechless 😉
    OMG: Jonny as Lucifer – I shiver with antici…pation!!!!

  3. ester says
    06 February 09 at 2:36pm

    If filming starts this May, will JRM still be in the fourth season of the “Tudors”? He mentioned recently that this season he will go through wives #3, 4 and 5; then, only Katherine Parr, wife #6, is left for season #4. Maybe Edward becomes king in the fourth season as the Tudor line progresses on.

  4. Zayna says
    06 February 09 at 8:28pm

    Sounds really interesting. Thanks for the update.

  5. Cassandra says
    06 February 09 at 10:35pm

    More Jonny…YES PLEASE!

  6. 09 February 09 at 2:30pm

    JRM did the film “Elvis” partly filmed in New Orleans. I was an extra and got to meet him. He is very down to earth and a beautiful human inside and out. He spoke to me as if we’d been friends for years. I look foward to seeing him in more films!!

  7. jrm supefan says
    10 February 09 at 2:38pm

    JONNY AS LUCIFER?i can’t wait!jonny you are perfect!!!!it would be a great movie!.YOU ARE MY KING ,JONNY.

  8. Alyse says
    10 February 09 at 6:34pm

    More info on the project is coming out – saying filming starts in April. It sounds certainly possible for him to finish filming this before starting on another season of The Tudors.

  9. sharlotte says
    11 February 09 at 5:05am

    I hope this, or the other two films he’s doing, catapolt him to the level of stardom he deserves! This project sounds really difficult, but I think that means the movie is going to be great!

  10. Sylvie X says
    11 February 09 at 1:19pm

    Love to read Cristie’s comment: “JRM – very down to earth and a beautiful human INSIDE and out.”
    I hope so very much, that a huge career as a worldwide superstar will never changes Jonny’s wonderful character.
    He is such a sweetheart – he is my *king*.

  11. Victoria says
    17 April 09 at 6:19pm

    JRM demostrara en su nueva pelicula el excelente actor que es, va ser un gran pelicula, en la cual va a confrimar su talento ¡Suerte!

  12. 20 May 09 at 3:22pm

    […] filming next month) and delays with the production starting, Jonathan is no longer involved in the Mary, Mother of Christ project […]

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