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The German Cosmopolitan has posted an interview with Jonathan on their website and a great behind the scenes video on the new Hugo Boss ad. It has clips of the actual commercial.

And behind the cut is one of the better red carpet interviews with Jonny at the Golden Globes.

Sources: atteniger, Cosmopolitan, dominoman0898, TVguide

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  1. Vew says
    22 January 09 at 9:36pm

    Wow, when’s the commercial gonna air on the tv?

  2. sharlotte says
    23 January 09 at 6:16am

    The Hugo clip is really great. It’s good to here that he’s always picking people up, and being positive. The interviewer for the GG is so funny. She can barely ask him questions! Sigh…………

  3. jrm supefan says
    23 January 09 at 7:00am

    sweet !sweet!sweet!and very sexy too…you are my king jrm!!!

  4. Sylvie XX says
    23 January 09 at 11:53am

    Thanks very much for the goodies.
    The Hugo Boss vid is nice. JRM looks gorgeous and very masculine. But the ad photo by Hugo Boss fragrance is unnatural and Jonny looks strange, because they worked with Photoshop. JRM is such a beauty and Photoshop is unnecessary!!!
    On the red carpet Jonny gave a cool interview: Eloquent, charming, quick-witted. Well done.

  5. lydia says
    25 January 09 at 4:53pm

    hallo, i read the german cosmopolitan and in the interview he said that he has no girlfriend… do everyone knows what happens between jonny and reena hammer? greeting from germany….

  6. Zayna says
    26 January 09 at 10:29am

    I thought this interview was lame. She spent the whole time gushing over him, asking him half questions about playing Elvis and then asked him to do his impression of Woody Allen.

    He was there as a nominee for Tudors. I was hoping for more about that.

  7. Pamy that love JRM says
    27 January 09 at 1:56am

    like always he is amazing…i love u..

  8. glitterfish says
    03 April 09 at 9:29am

    i completely agree with zayna. the interview was unprofessional almost to the point of inappropriate. i feel so bad for him sometimes; it sounds bias but he’s almost too good looking. he’s worked so hard to become more than the pretty face or the type cast, androgynous object. he’s got to get so sick of hearing how sexy he is! he almost looked wounded; like she was treating him like some rare, exotic horse. he kept avoiding it politely. i think he deserves to be givin a little more credit, lady; say for his talent! it’s like the hot chick at work that is never taken seriously: “never mind you have a degree in rocket science, you look amazing, how bout you get me a cup of coffee so i can watch you walk away”

  9. Suzanne says
    19 April 09 at 11:09am

    Oh my gosh, this interview was so sad. I agree with Zayna and glitterfish, she did a horrible job and was very unprofessional. I can’t believe how a grown woman in her profession could keep her job with interviews like that. She makes people uncomfortable and embarrassed. I think she needs to either learn how to interview people in a professional manner or find another line of work. Anyone could of done a better job than she did with him. If I was Jonathan I think I would of just said thank you for the comments and walked away. I don’t think anyone would of blamed him. He is a wonderful actor and I enjoy his work more for his style and how he gets into a character more than his looks. Their are tons of handsome guys out there, but his acting is wonderful. Lets give him credit for that first. I mean that is why he was there!!!! Grow up lady……….

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