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  1. Pamy that love JRM says
    17 January 09 at 6:34am

    hurray new photos…johnny i love u

  2. Sylvie XX says
    17 January 09 at 8:34am

    Thanks sooo much for the new 63 images added to the Gallery.
    It makes me very happy, to see Jonny in excellent shape and laughing :-)). I wish him the very best for his huge career. He his sooo busy. An achiever. So keen and successful. And he looks hot and dangerous sexy like a rock-star. I admire (admeyer…) him :P.
    * * * I hope only that he finds enough time to relax.* * *

  3. jadesweet says
    17 January 09 at 8:48am

    Thanks for the updates. He is stunningly beautiful.

  4. Nicole says
    17 January 09 at 6:24pm

    Wow!!!! Jonathan is sooooooooo sexy! Let me know if he is coming to Detroit sometime!!!!

  5. jrm superfan says
    19 January 09 at 11:54am

    he is gorgeous!!! sexy and beautiful…. i still love you johnny.

  6. vIvI ...-♥ says
    30 January 09 at 12:47pm

    i l ove you so much jonathan<
    you are great!!

  7. amy lea says
    11 March 09 at 3:53am

    great pics jonny

    love yaaa xxxx

  8. marianela says
    12 April 09 at 8:28am

    soy de argentina y la verdad que es uno de los mejores y mas lindos!!!
    lo amo a jonatha!

  9. melanie says
    18 April 09 at 10:39pm

    What a beautiful man.

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