Energie announcement

Energie Ad We got a sneak peek last month, but the news is now official… Jonathan is the new face of Italian fashion label Energie for it’s next two ad campaigns.

From People:

As if is being nominated for a Golden Globe wasn’t enough, the Tudors hearttrob is striking a pose for Energie Jeans, a division of Miss Sixty. The campaign features Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a variety of denim-based looks which perfectly capture the rock ‘n roll attitude of the Energie brand. Whether he is in his ornate King Henry the VII costumes on the set of The Tudors or rocking Energie jeans, we think Jonathan is nothing short of royally sexy — a perfect choice for Energie.

Sources: WWD, People

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  1. cathy says
    15 January 09 at 8:45pm


  2. Pamy that love JRM says
    16 January 09 at 1:25am

    oh my god…he is amazing… of course is a italian campaign and maybe i can see him…
    they choose right!!!
    good job johnny & good luck 4 the future..
    with love your pam

  3. Sylvie XX says
    16 January 09 at 7:31am

    Congratulations – Jonny did a very fine job!!! Absolutely a perfect choice for Energie!!!
    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is very charismatic, because he is a strong and tough young guy and at the same time he is so tender and vulnerable. And so beautiful too… swoon… Jonny drives me crazy. He is irresistable.
    Eternal love in devotion – he is *my* king :-))).

  4. Roberta says
    16 January 09 at 10:31am

    I have been waiting for this campaign to come out. He’s beathtaking!!

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