Golden Globe wrap-up

Jonathan didn’t win (that honor went to his fellow Irishman Gabriel Byrne), but plenty of tidbits from the night of the awards ceremony and after parties.

The Envelope:

Bar scene
“Tudors” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers shakes hands and hugs “Tudors” executive producer Ben Silverman at the bar.

Silverman: “Congratulations. I just watched the first two episodes of your show and it’s … amazing. You are my prince. You are my king. Amazing.”

Meyers: “Thank you. We should get together.”

Silverman: “Yes, we’ll play. I’ll see you later. Goodbye, darling.”

NBC News

And “Tudors” star Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who recently filmed “To Paris With Love” alongside John, also shared his sadness over John’s loss.

“He was going to be here tonight… So you know. It’s sad,” Jonathan told Shaun. “You can’t really bear thinking about it because it’s not the natural order. Kids should bury parents, parents shouldn’t bury kids.”

Jonathan said he has reached out to John, whom he calls “a wonderful man.”

“I sent a message to him, just to offer my condolences, because we became very, very close,” Jonathan explained of his co-star of the upcoming film. “I feel for his family and himself. He was very, very close to Jett, so my heart goes out to him. I think he’s a strong guy though. They’ll pull through. They’re a strong family unit.”

USA Today:

For Tudors star Rhys Meyers, it was a night to see old chums. “I met some very nice people. I was able to catch up with (Robert) Downey (Jr.).”

What did you and “Downey” talk about?

“Stuff,” he teased. “None of your business stuff.”

CBS News:

As a fan of “The Tudors,” I watched intently as Christina McLarty interviewed Jonathan Rhys Meyers about his role as the malevolently powerful King Henry VIII, which earned him a nomination for “best actor in a drama series.” I’ve been drawn to – and frightened of him – since I saw “Match Point,” the Woody Allen film in which he kills his pregnant lover, Nola, played by Scarlett Johansson. If you’ve seen any of his work, he pours himself into each role with a furious intensity that makes you wonder what he’s like in real life. While he laughed, chatted and was the perfect interviewee, I couldn’t help but notice a glimpse of the fervor that makes him such a great actor in his eyes. I would have been disappointed if it hadn’t been there, just as I was that he ultimately didn’t win in his category. But unlike King Henry VIII, who would have officially done away with the Golden Globes, I’m sure Meyers was content just to be nominated.

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  1. Sylvie XX says
    17 January 09 at 4:41pm

    Great tidbits to read. JRM rocks. He is a superstar with excellent behaviour. Intelligent and warm-hearted. Love him forever.

  2. ester says
    22 January 09 at 1:47pm

    Can anyone say how JRM knows Robert Downey, Jr.? I don’t remember them doing a film project together.

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