Chance to Meet Jonathan!

Macy’s in New York is having a special event on January 30, where you could have a chance to meet Jonathan!


Get up close and personal with Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Here’s something to warm the cockles of your heart!! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, super-hottie and the face of the new Hugo Boss fragrance, HUGO ELEMENT, will be here on Friday, January 30th at 5:00pm in our Fragrance Arcade to introduce this brand new men’s fragrance – exclusively at Macy’s by the way! So what’s the fragrance like? Well… it’s definitely for the urban man who lives in harmony with his time and place… but we’re thinking you might prefer to hear it from Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ lips instead! So get yourself in here on Friday, January 30th because only the first 300 customers who make a $65 purchase of HUGO ELEMENT will get a photo taken with Jonathan. And if you need a reminder about what JRM (as those closest to him call him) has been in, try Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominees; his role as King Henry the VIII in the hit tv series The Tudors, Bend it Like Beckham, August Rush, and too many more to name.

This event is taking place at Macy’s Herald Square. Located at 151 West 34th Street in New York City.

1/15 UPDATE: Jonathan is no longer taking photos, but will be signing Hugo Element fragrance bottles.

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Happy Birthday Jonathan!


  1. Roberta says
    12 January 09 at 8:59pm

    Oh weep…I wish he was coming to the Macy’s down the street where I live. Makes me want to cry :(

  2. jrm supefan says
    13 January 09 at 12:27am

    sad? hope he’s ok…he’s my favorite!!! kisses for jonny!!!

  3. patricia says
    13 January 09 at 10:29am

    from his lips…indeed
    unfortunately in sunny South Africa at the time
    can’t wait for the third season,
    impressive performance throughout

  4. sharlotte says
    13 January 09 at 11:52am

    I too wish he was coming to a mall near me. I wonder if he’ll be surrounded by hundreds of adoring fans. I wish him all the best.

  5. Sylvie XXX says
    14 January 09 at 3:42am

    Oh how wonderful – I wish to be there.

  6. Sylvie X says
    16 January 09 at 7:46am

    Regarding 1/15 UPDATE: “Jonathan is no longer taking photos, but will be signing Hugo Element fragrance bottles.”

    Great news: WISE & CLEVER decision, Jonny!!! :)))))

  7. sharlotte says
    30 January 09 at 8:33am

    no pictures, huh. Well, at least I’m not entirely devastated that I won’t be there. Why is that wise, by the way?

  8. Roberta says
    01 February 09 at 1:16am

    Oh my my…I wish I could have been at that Macy/Hugo event. If any of you JRM fans want to see a dream come true for a fan you have to see the video on YouTube “Jonathan Rhys Meyers Macy’s Hugo”. He is ssssssooooooooooooooooo SWEET! What a guy!

  9. Sylvie X says
    01 February 09 at 7:21am

    Hi Sharlotte, it is wise, because JRM is meanwhile a huge superstar. It’s good to be the king, but not good to be too body-body with the fans. That’s my opinion. He was at Macy’s for Hugo Boss, and not as an actor for a movie-campaign. There is a huge difference. JRM is a sweet and wonderful man and I admire him. Jonathan is not arrogant and very nice and cute to his fans. But a big superstar needs for his image distance to be a “superhuman movie-God”, you know. Fans need an unrealizable dream for their fantasy. Cheek to cheek with Jonathan for a “handy-picture” is far too close.

  10. Janine says
    04 February 09 at 2:57pm

    he was on my flight home on Sunday morning, He was standing behind me in baggage claim, he is just as HOT in real life as he is on screen, I LOVED him in Augsut Rush :)

  11. Arya says
    25 August 09 at 5:30pm

    LOVED HIM IN AUGUST RUSH!!!!! I was at Macy’s. Very cool. meeting him.

  12. adriana says
    01 September 09 at 11:15pm

    jonathan is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i could meet him someday! hes so talented and so full of energy!

  13. judith balaguer says
    16 September 09 at 4:30am

    Hey isn’t Jonny going to the 2nd annual Cablefax program awards at the grand hyatt today september 16, 2009>

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