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The 6th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards nominees were announced today.

Jonathan was nominated for Best Actor in a Lead Role for “The Tudors” second season. “The Tudors” also received 6 additional nominations for Ciaran Donnelly as Best Director, Peter O’Toole as Best Supporting Actor, Maria Doyle Kennedy as Best Supporting Actress, Costume Design, Make Up & Hair, and Production Design.

The awards ceremony will held at Dublin’s Burlington Hotel on February 14, Valentine’s Day this year. They will be broadcast live on RTÉ One at 9:30pm.

Golden Globes reminder: the awards ceremony takes place this Sunday, January 11, 2009 at The Beverly Hilton. It’s airing live on NBC at 8pm on the east coast. It will be re-broadcast on cable channel Bravo on Saturday, January 17 at 9pm. Check your local stations for broadcast times.

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  1. winnie says
    09 January 09 at 7:33pm

    Natalie Dormer should have been nominated too. Her final scenes as Anne were wonderful.

  2. Sylvie XXX says
    10 January 09 at 10:15am

    Great news! Congratulations!!! IMO Jonathan is already the “BEST ACTOR” anyway :-).
    And I hope, wish and pray, that Jonny will stop smoking. No doubt he looks cool & sexy with a cigarette between his pretty sinful lips, but smoking is dangerous and health is a gift. And I want Jonny happy and healthy forever!!! So please be wise, my dear JRM. You look great and breathtaking with or without(!!!) a cigarette. I like every step you make, I like every breath you take…
    Love Sylvie

    12 January 09 at 7:53am

    Again he missed out in the USA on Tudors – it is not that I think he is wonderful in these pix but he does not do as Colin Farrell does and you can see he won an award for Bruges – he has got to get to more “macho” type movies or he will go the path of C Lambert who was great in Greystoke and then went no where – he should have been in Public Enemy with Depp – who is his agent?

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