Paris teaser

From a French TV show comes a teaser trailer for “From Paris With Love” (warning for bad language):

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  1. Sylvie XXX says
    22 December 08 at 4:58pm

    “I’m not your driver, I’m your partner”. Yes, Jonny. Wonderful :-).
    Jonathan is as busy as a bee. I like that. What a nice team: JRM and John Travolta… “The Beauty and the Beast”. Guess who’s the beauty??;-P. This is a very masculine movie like Mission Impossible III. Fast and hard action scenes. Not what I really enjoy. But I shiver with anticipation to see my sexy JONNY and John! YES, YES, YES they can!!!

  2. Roberta says
    23 December 08 at 11:37pm

    I just can’t wait to see this movie….Who am I trying to fool, I can never wait to see any of jonny’s movies…he is soooooooooo yummy!

  3. Lei Anna Willis says
    08 January 09 at 4:32pm

    I luv JRM.

  4. sharlotte says
    22 January 09 at 5:42am

    Man, I was taken back by the lack of accent. He’s really great with that. So good, I think many people are surprised when he speaks as himself. Has anyone noticed the way he talks out of the side of his mouth (when he’s himself)? I love it! Travolta looks prime in these clips, and I love when he swears! It sounds so naughty!

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