Hugo Element

Hugo Boss is launching a new fragrance in February 2009. Jonathan will be the face of Hugo Element. It’s known yet if a commercial was filmed along with the photo ad campaign. Larger photo of the upcoming ad can be seen on

Source: Fragrantica, tdonline

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  1. anna von kleve says
    15 December 08 at 8:27am

    not so good!

  2. Pamy that love JRM says
    15 December 08 at 8:55am

    i’m very happy for that!!!
    now this is my favourite fragance!!! and he will be a face of hugo?? wow!!!! i must buy it even if is a fragance for man but in a perfumary i see a fragance for woman so I MUST BUY IT… by the way he is the perfect man nobody else can be the face of a great fragance…so Jonnhy u are the best even 4 that for everythig!!!! with love your Pam

  3. Sylvie XXX says
    16 December 08 at 12:07pm

    Jonny looks so vulnerable and thoughtful. He is a good man and so very very sensitive! All the best to him.

  4. Cilla says
    21 December 08 at 5:33am

    Beautiful Men ♥

  5. cathy says
    21 December 08 at 10:55am

    johnny looks so hot in that picture
    no surprise there
    he always looks beautiful

  6. Roberta says
    04 January 09 at 5:27pm

    Hugo could not have picked a better man for this fragrance…Jonny is PERFECT!!

  7. paloma says
    12 January 09 at 4:31pm

    amo a este hombreee!!

  8. kathleen says
    29 January 09 at 10:53am

    ohh my god jonathan is the perfect man in the world – he is so hot and smart good actor and sexy model – I just love him – I really wish jonathan the best in his career – love uuu

  9. Eutuxia says
    09 August 09 at 1:36am

    O.M.G Jonathan is the perfect man,he is got everything
    i loooveee him(L).

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