Behind the Scenes video

Entertainment Tonight has posted a behind the scenes video on “The Tudors”. It’s focused on Joss Stone, but Jonathan is featured as well. The video is featured after the cut.

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  1. dolores cocuzzo says
    14 November 08 at 11:29am

    any photos from Shelter or any more word on pix with John Travolta – any pix?

  2. Natalie says
    14 November 08 at 6:35pm

    It sounds to me like johhny is speaking with an American accent. Perhaps for his new film with john travolta? hmm. only time will tell. thanks for posting.

  3. Alyse says
    17 November 08 at 3:25pm

    Photos from both are in the Gallery now.

  4. Roberta says
    17 November 08 at 10:46pm

    Thanks for posting this video, it was great!

  5. sharlotte says
    28 November 08 at 7:22am

    What a model to change his look up with those sexy dark glasses!

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