From Paris update

From the Hollywood Reporter comes word that some of the scheduled shooting has been suspended:

‘From Paris With Love’ shoot canceled
Cars found torched on Europacorp production

By Rebecca Leffler
Oct 14, 2008, 07:23 AM ET

CANNES — John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers will no longer be sending love from Paris, as the shoot for Pierre Morel’s “From Paris With Love” in the nearby suburb of Montfermeil — home to one of the nation’s toughest housing projects — has been canceled.

Ten cars belonging to Europacorp’s production team were found burned out by unknown arsonists, leading writer-producer Luc Besson and company to pack up their things and head out of the region.

The $55 million thriller about a young embassy worker and a U.S. secret agent on a high-risk mission in Paris was set for an 11-week shoot in and around the capital.

“It’s a real shame. The project should have been gratifying and valuable for everyone,” the town’s mayor, Xavier Lemoine, said Tuesday, adding that 90 residents were to have served as extras.

Europacorp said only that filming of the housing project scenes is suspended pending a review.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Note: Production has not halted. Interior shooting is still ongoing. The week long shooting in this particular Paris neighborhood has been suspended for now.

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  1. Sylvie XXX says
    05 November 08 at 9:16am

    Dear Jonathan,

    I hope you will read this soon, because I mean it serious. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP SMOKING. Your health is so important for your future and your whole life. Health is a huge gift, so don’t destroy your health!! Please cancel Marlboro. You are so vulnerable and beautiful. You are the best actor on the planet. I love and adore you. You have a weak and warm heart. So please STOP SMOKING and stay healthy. I look forward to all the wonderful JRM-movies to come.
    Take care. God bless you.
    Love Sylvie

  2. Mila says
    12 January 09 at 8:11am

    Você é um sonho…

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