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EuropaCorp begins shoot on From Paris With Love
23 Sep 2008 21:43

EuropaCorp has announced the start of principal photography on the $55m (Euros 38m) From Paris With Love, starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Director Pierre Morel began filming Monday near Annecy and will carry on to Paris and its environs for a total 12-week shoot.

The film is based on an original idea from EuropaCorp principal Luc Besson, along with Adi Hasak, and tells the story of a young insider and an American secret agent who are thrown together in a risky mission in France’s capital city.

Morel, a cinematographer-turned-director, previously directed Liam Neeson in this year’s EuropaCorp produced Taken and the 2004 hit Banlieue 13.

Source: Screen Daily

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  1. Ingrid says
    24 September 08 at 5:44am

    Wow, sounds interesting! So he’s the “young insider” then, I guess…?? :)

  2. Pedro Camacho says
    24 September 08 at 11:14am

    Well, the Jonathan does not stop! E still well. I am very happy that it has new project and am anxious to know more on the film.

  3. Cassandra says
    24 September 08 at 12:56pm

    Johnny and John Travolta…this should make for an interesting screen ensemble. I’m really looking forward to it. His work has been getting really mature, it’s been fun to watch him transform over the years.

  4. lexxymac says
    24 September 08 at 1:22pm

    Whatever happened to the movie Jonny made with Julianne Moore? I never heard it was released…anyone know?

  5. tdonline says
    24 September 08 at 8:52pm

    Shelter wrapped in May. Nothing has been announced as far distributor or release date yet. Keep in mind movies usually take up till a year or more after filming to hit the theaters.

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